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      How Do I Review My Time?

      Review all Time Entries tracked, from both yourself and your Team Members in one place in the All sub-tab (formerly called the Review sub-tab). This is useful if you need to see progress on a particular project, keep track of which entries have been billed or not, and or search for specific entries.


      Looking to track time or understand the difference between Billed, Unbilled and Non-Billable? Go to How do I Track My Time? instead.


      To access the All Time Entries sub-tab, use the below steps:

      1. Click on the Time Tracking section
      2. Then click on the all sub-tab.


      Team Time Summary

      The All Team Members chart shows a summary of all Team Members’ time tracked by Project, or by Calendar view. The All Team Members is broken down into:

      Team time summary box showing bar graph of tracked time by project.

      • < Month > - Click on the < or > arrows to move back or forward a month
      • All Team Members - Shows all time tracked in that month by Project from everyone
      • Team Member - Click on any team member’s name to see their time tracked in that month
      • Bar Graph - Click on the bar graph icon to view tracked time by bar graph
        Bar graph icon in team time summary area.
      • Calendar - Click on the calendar icon to view tracked time in a calendar, hover over any day to get the specific project and total time tracked that day
        Calendar icon in team time summary area.
      • View Time Entries - Click on this link under the Team Member’s name to see a filtered list of all Time Entries below the chart



      • To hide this graph, click on the Remove link in the top right corner of the graph
        Remove summary button above team time summary box.
      • To bring the graph back, hover over the All Time Entries title until the Show Summary of team’s time button is revealed, then click on it
        Show summary of team's time button above All Time Enries title.


      All Time Entries Review

      All logged Time Entries by yourself and your Team Members are listed here, along with the option to add a new Time Entry or Start a Timer:

      List of all time entries with details.

      • New Entry - Create a new Time Entry with the steps here
      • Start Timer - Create a new Time Entry using the Timer with the steps here
      • Search - Search for specific Time Entries using the search and sort options
      • Edit Time Entry - Click on any Time Entry logged by yourself or by any Team Member (except Contractors, who can only edit their own time) to edit, click the checkmark button to save
        Time entry being edited.

      You can also use the More Actions button to change your Tracking Format or the Generate Invoice button to generate an Invoice with time tracked on it.


      To modify several Time Entries in bulk, you can use the below steps for certain situations:

      1. Click on the Time Tracking section
      2. Then click on the all sub-tab
      3. Check off the boxes next to the Time Entries you want to modify together
      4. Click on the Bulk Actions button
      5. Choose between:
        1. Generate Invoice, and then continue making your Invoice using the steps here
        2. Delete, and then click OK to confirm
        3. Mark as Billed / Unbilled, and then click OK to confirm
        4. Or Apply to Retainer if the Time Entries are associated to a Client with an Active Retainer, and then click OK to confirm.

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