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What are the differences between Employees and Contractors?

FreshBooks makes it easy to collaborate with your team members and improve your productivity. You can set your team members up as either an Employee or a Contractor and each type of team member has their own benefits.

For both Employees and Contractors, you as the Administrator can add them to your Projects, review in-app their time entries, and rebill them to your Client.



Employees have access to your FreshBooks account as well as:

  • Can work in the same account with you, meaning Employees can access and add company Invoices and Expenses
  • Can track their time and Expenses
  • Can view your Dashboard and help generate Reports
  • Can only view Projects they have been added to
  • Employees can be added at an additional $10/month per user. If you add more than 5 Employees, you may qualify for a special pricing from our Payments team. You can reach out at 1‑866-336-0727 to learn about our plans for larger businesses

Adding team members as Employees is ideal if you work closely together, or you want your accountant to see your financial data. Click here if you want to learn how to add an Employee.



Contractors have their own separate FreshBooks account as well as:

  • Can only view Projects they have been added to
  • Can track time towards Projects shared by the Administrator/Employer 
  • Can Invoice you for their time tracked
  • You can add Contractors at no cost to you. Contractors may choose to pay or continue to use FreshBooks for free with you as their only client

Adding team members as Contractors is ideal when you only need them to track their time. Click here if you want to learn how to add a Contractor.

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