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Frequently Asked Questions

What permissions can I assign to my team member?

FreshBooks makes it easy to collaborate with your team members and improve your productivity. You can set your team members up as either a Basic Employee, Business Partner, or Contractor. Each role has a fixed set of permissions, which are explained below:


Overview of Permissions

Role Business Partner Basic Employee Contractor Accountant
Account Usage Uses your business' account Uses your business' account Has their own separate account Uses your business' account
What They Can Do
  • See Dashboard and financial reports
  • See, create and edit all Invoices, Estimates, Proposals, Retainers, Projects
  • Manage Clients and your team
    Track time and expenses, and review time tracked by the rest of the team
  • Manage account settings and Bank Connections
  • Track their own time and expenses
  • Track time towards projects assigned by you
  • Send you invoices from their own account
  • See accounting reports like General Ledger, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss
  • Add Journal Entries
  • Manage Chart of Accounts
  • View Invoices
  • Add, edit and delete Invoice payments
  • Create and edit Other Income
  • Create and edit all Expenses 
What They Can't Do
  • Can’t cancel your FreshBooks account
  • Can’t manage Add-ons or Integrations
  • Can’t create or send Invoices, Retainers, Estimates or Proposals to Clients
  • Can’t view Reports or financial information for your business
  • Can’t view any information from your business, other than the projects you invite them to
  • Can’t manage Clients
  • Can’t track time or view Projects
  • Can’t send Invoices or Estimates

 You can find steps to invite a Business Partner, Basic Employee or Contractor here.


Business Partner

When a Business Partner logs into your account, they have access to the following:

Navigation menu as an Admin user.
  • Settings
    • Company Profile
    • Item & Services
    • Bank Connections
    • Billing & Upgrade
  • Dashboard
  • Clients
  • Invoices (Retainers, Other Income)
  • Expenses
  • Estimates
  • Time Tracking
  • Projects
  • My Team
  • Reports
  • Accounting (Chart of Accounts)

Basic Employee

When a Basic Employee logs into your account, they have access to the following: 

Navigation menu as an Employee.
  • Time Tracking (only their own)
  • Projects
  • Expenses (only their own)



A Contractor has their own separate FreshBooks account, and you can share specific access with them:

Navigation menu as a contractor.
  • The navigation is the same as any other FreshBooks Business Owner
  • They can see any Projects you've invited them to



When an Accountant logs into your account, they have access to the following:

Navigation menu as an accountant.
  • Dashboard
  • Invoices (Other Income)
  • Expenses
  • Reports
  • Accounting (Chart of Accounts)


Can I switch my team member’s role after they’ve been assigned one?

Switching is possible between the Basic Employee and Business Partner roles only. If you have a team member in one of those two roles, switching them only requires a few steps:

  1. Click on My Team
  2. In the Employees section, click on the member you want to change roles for
  3. An Edit Team Member pop-up will appear, change the role in the dropdown
  4. Click Save to finish, and the team member will receive an email about the role changes.
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