Frequently Asked Questions

How do Recurring Payments work?

Recurring Payments allows you to automatically charge a Client's credit card on a regular basis through a Recurring Invoice. 

To enable Recurring Payments, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a Recurring Invoice which you can read more about here
  2. Enable one of our Payment Gateways (FreshBooks Payments or Stripe) on the Recurring Invoice
  3. Send the Recurring Invoice to your Client. 

In the end the Recurring Invoice should have Yes shown for Accept Credit Cards and a Recurring Schedule



This will then enable Recurring Payments as an option to your Clients.

It is up to your Clients to enable Recurring Payments on the Invoice received. They also have the ability to update their credit card information and remove the stored credit card information if they wish. 

To see what your Clients have to do to enable, update or remove Recurring Payments, check out this article here