How Do I Accept Online Payments on Android?

To start receiving online payments with Credit Cards and Bank Transfers (ACH) on your Invoices, you can enable FreshBooks Payments (WePay), Stripe or PayPal on your Android app.

Set Up Online Payments

Note that your online payment options should be connected in your account already, before you enable it on an Invoice (FreshBooks Payments powered by WePay can be enabled on Android directly instead). Use the below steps to enable your Invoice for Online Payments:
  1. Once logged in, tap on Invoices at the bottom
  2. Tap on an existing Invoice to edit, or tap on the + plus button to make a new Invoice
  3. At the top under Online Payments, tap on Accept Online Payments
    Accept online payments button at top of invoice.

  4. Next to the payment method you’d like to use, slide the toggle to turn it on
    Accept online payments area with toggles to enable.
  5. Then for either FreshBooks Payments or Stripe, tap to enable Credit Card and/or ACH Bank Transfer (available for US Businesses + US Clients only)
    WePay enabled with checkboxes checked off for credit cards and bank transfers.
  6. If enabling PayPal, you can also enable Accept Debit or Credit Cards (available for PayPal accounts in select countries only)
    PayPal enabled with a checkbox for accept debit cards and credit cards enabled.
  7. Then tap on Back to save your online payment settings, you’ll see the payment method is actively selected
  8. Continue creating your Invoice as needed, and click Save to finish.


What happens if I haven't connected an online payment method yet?
If you have not enabled PayPal, Stripe or WePay yet, you will only see the option to set up FreshBooks Payments (WePay) for the first time on your device. Once set up, you’ll need to finish the process on a web browser later with the steps here.
For PayPal and Stripe, you can enable on a web browser with the steps for PayPal here or Stripe here first, and then Paypal and/or Stripe will appear as an option to select on your device while making an Invoice.