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      How do I accept credit cards on iOS?

      Accepting credit cards from your iPhone or iPad is easy, fast, and secure!

      Receiving payments online by credit card can be done through one of our payment gateway providers: FreshBooks Payments or Stripe.

      Setting Up Credit Card Payments

      Here's how you set it up with just a few quick steps:

      1. Once logged in, tap on Invoices at the bottom
      2. Tap on an existing Invoice to edit, or tap on New (top right corner) to make a new Invoice
      3. After you've created/edited your Invoice as usual, scroll all the way down to the bottom
      4. There you'll see the Settings for this Invoice section with the option to Accept Credit Cards:
        Swipe to accept credit cards.
      5. Flip the toggle and it'll be enabled:
        Accept credit cards toggle is now on.
      6. Click Save to finish and continue with saving/sending your Invoice.


      What happens if I haven't connected a payment gateway yet?

      Flipping the toggle creates a new FreshBooks Payments account. You can send and accept online payments but must complete the registration process to receive funds in your bank account. You'll receive an email with instructions.


      What happens if I already have a payment gateway connected?

      Flipping the toggle enables online payments for that invoice and reveals a Pay Online button on the invoice your client receives.


      What about connecting Stripe?

      Connecting a Stripe account can only be done on the web, not on mobile. Once you connect your Stripe account to FreshBooks, you'll see a toggle in the mobile app to enable Stripe for your Invoices.

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