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      How do I refund a payment?

      If your Client is no longer using your products or services, you may need to issue a refund. You can first process the refund through your payment gateway (FreshBooks Payments or Stripe) or manually outside of FreshBooks, then update it on your Invoice after.

      Once the refund has been processed, then you can either delete or edit the payment stored in your account.

      If you're refunding through FreshBooks Payments (WePay) or Stripe, the refund will automatically apply to the invoice for you.


      Process the Refund

      FreshBooks Payments/WePay

      1. Log into your WePay dashboard here
      2. Click on the transaction you want to refund
      3. Click on the Issue Refund button
      4. Click on the Confirm button.

      Note: You can refund up to 60 days past the date of payment. If you're looking to refund a partial payment or you have a payment older than 60 days, please reach out to our Support for help refunding this.


      Follow the steps outlined by Stripe here. Note that the transaction fee will not be refunded.


      You'll need to process the refund outside of FreshBooks whether it was via cash, check, bank transfer, or a different gateway.


      Edit the Payment inside your Account

      This is not needed for WePay or Stripe which automatically refund for you, but if you've processed a refund differently, use the steps below:

      1. Go to the Invoices section
      2. Click on the Invoice you refunded
      3. Scroll down to the All Payments For area and click on the payment
      4. If the full payment was refunded, but you want a record of the refund, zero out the amount and leave a comment in the Payment Notes boxEdit payment details.
      5. If the payment was partially refunded, update the amount to the new total after refund and leave a comment in the Payment Notes box
      6. Click Save to finish
      7. Click on the Edit button on the Invoice
      8. Add a line item called Refund (or something similar) with the total you refunded as a negative valueNegative line item on an invoice.
      9. Click Save to finish.

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