Frequently Asked Questions

What are Payment Schedules?

Payment Schedules in FreshBooks allow you to create a payment plan for your Clients, so they can pay Invoices in multiple and partial instalments on dates of your choosing. This saves you from having to create multiple Invoices, or continually editing an existing Invoice whenever a new payment is due. 

To set up a Payment Schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Invoices section
  2. Click on the New Invoice button
  3. Add the Client, and fill out your Invoice details with whatever you're billing for
  4. You'll now see an Add a Payment Schedule link towards the bottom of the Invoice:Add payment schedule link.
  5. Choose between Percentage or Flat AmountPercentage or flat amount option.
  6. You can add up to 12 payments, and choose the percentage or amount as well as the date of each payment 
    Add additional payment fields.
  7. When you're all done, click Add Schedule
  8. The Payment Schedule will then be reflected at the bottom of the Invoice. Payment schedule added onto invoice.

Note: If you've added a Deposit to the Invoice, you'll need to add the Deposit amount as the first payment in the schedule in order to save the additional payments requested.



How do Late Payment Reminders work with Payment Schedules?

If you have enabled Late Payment Reminders, these will be sent out according to the Payment Schedule's Due Dates, so you can easily notify your Client if they accidentally miss a scheduled payment. 


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