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      Why did a payment made through FreshBooks Payments decline?

      There are a few reasons why your client’s payment made through FreshBooks Payments by WePay could have failed. When a payment fails, the client will always see one of these common error codes below showing the cause of the problem:

      • 2002 – The card type is not supported
      • 2003 – The credit card issuing bank says this card is not supported
      • 2004 – The issuing bank declined the charge but did not give us a reason as to why
      • 2005 – Insufficient funds on the card
      • 2006 – The card was reported lost or stolen
      • 2007 – The card has expired
      • 2008 – Some card data is invalid (i.e. name on card doesn’t match)

      For the full detailed list of decline codes, click here.

      If a transaction was declined for risk or fraud reasons, you will be contacted by FreshBooks and the WePay team with a notification. WePay helps FreshBooks process the payments in the back end and handles all risk and fraud prevention measures to ensure that online payments happen in a safe and secure way.


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