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      What are Clients?

      Clients are the people you bill for the work you’ve been hired to do. You can add, manage and delete your Clients as your business grows, as well as add secondary contacts in each Client profile, so you can send to multiple contacts in one company as needed. Use the Client profile as a way to quickly access your Client’s information in one central place.

      Create Clients

      To create Clients, there are a few different places in your account you can go to:


      1. From the Dashboard section, click on the Create New button
      2. Select Client. This will take you to the New Client screen.


      1. Click on the Clients section
      2. Then click on the New Client button. This will take you to the New Client screen.


      1. Click on the Invoices section
      2. Click on the New Invoice button
      3. Click on the Add a Client button where the Billed To space is
      4. Start entering the Client's details in, and the list of existing Clients will disappear
      5. When you finish filling out the new Client form, the Client will be saved for future Invoices.

      For all the options above, either the First & Last Name or Company is required. Everything else is optional, although we recommend adding an Address as this will appear on your Client's Invoices.

      Client Profile

      Any Client's profile can be viewed by going to the Clients section and clicking on a Client. You'll land on the Overview tab by default:
      Client profile with tabs at the bottom to see different information.


      In the Overview tab, you can find the below information:

      • Settings - This can be accessed with the slider icon next to the name, with these options:
        • Send Reminders - Customize the reminder emails and frequency they're sent out for overdue Invoices
        • Charge Late Fees - Encourage faster payment on overdue Invoices by applying a fee
        • Currency & Language - Change the currency and language on new Invoices for this Client
      • More Actions - Click on this to quickly Edit Client, Generate Statement, Archive or Delete the Client
      • Create New… - Click on this button to quickly create an Invoice, Expense, Estimate, Proposal or Project for this Client specifically
      • Client Card - Lists information for the Client, and any Secondary Contact(s)
      • Outstanding Revenue - This graph shows both overdue Invoices (in red) that have missed the Due Date, and outstanding Invoices (in yellow) that have not reached the Due Date yet. Hover over the bar to see the amounts and Invoices
        • In Draft - The total of all Invoices in Draft status for this Client - hover to see the Invoices
        • Available Credit - Total Credit available for this Client - hover to see the overpayments and to delete them
        • Unbilled Time - Total of all unbilled time entries - hover to see the time entries
        • Unbilled Expenses - Total of unbilled expenses assigned to this Client - hover to see the Expenses

      Below the Client’s details and the Outstanding Revenue graph are a set of tabs that allow you to easily see all of your Client’s information in one place:

      • Contacts - Manage all Secondary Contacts
      • Invoices - This includes generated invoices from the Retainer and Recurring Templates
      • Retainer
      • Credits - Lists all Prepayment and Overpayment Credits created for this Client
      • Expenses
      • Estimates
      • Time Tracking - All time entries assigned to this Client will appear here
      • Projects
      • Reports - Access Reports with the filter already set to the specific Client you’re viewing, like the Client Account Statement


      For details on the Relationship tab, you can find it in the Client Relationship feed here.

      Secondary Contacts

      You can choose which contacts to send an Invoice to, or choose to send to all contacts. The contacts' emails are automatically added whenever sending an Estimate or Invoice to the Client. This way, you can send to multiple emails, and any of the Secondary Contacts can also pay the Invoice as well.

      Secondary Contacts cannot create Client accounts - only the primary Client can.


      Add Secondary Contacts

      To add a Secondary Contact, use these steps:

      1. Go to the Clients section
      2. Click on a Client you want to add Secondary Contacts to
      3. Then click on the Contacts sub-tab
      4. Click on the plus button next to Contacts for [Client Name]
        Plus button next inside contacts sub-tab for specific client.
      5. Fill out the First Name and Last Name fields if needed
        New secondary contact with fields to fill out.
      6. Enter the Email
      7. Next, add up to two phone numbers in the Phone 1 and Phone 2 fields if needed
      8. Click on the checkmark button to finish. Once added to the profile, their emails are automatically populated in the Send To field when sending an Invoice by email.


      Edit or Delete Secondary Contacts
      Secondary Contacts can be edited or deleted with the following steps: 

      1. Go to the Clients section
      2. Click on a Client you want to add Secondary Contacts to
      3. Then click on the Contacts sub-tab
      4. To edit a Client, hover over it and click on the pencil icon
      5. To delete a Client, hover over it and click on the trashcan icon
        1. Or you can check off multiple boxes and then click on the Bulk Actions button
        2. Then select Delete to finish deleting Secondary Contacts in bulk.

      Send to Secondary Contacts

      When you’re ready to send an Invoice, Estimate or Proposal, click on the Send… (or the Save… for Recurring Templates) button. In the To: field, the primary client will automatically be checked off as a sender. From here you can either:

      Pop up for sending invoice with to field showing dropdown of extra contacts.

      • Remove the primary client by clicking the X or unchecking the box next to their email in the list
      • Add existing secondary contacts by typing the names/email addresses and selecting them, or by checking off the boxes next to their name/email address
      • Add new secondary contacts by entering their email address and pressing the comma, enter, spacebar or tab key to add



      How do I add a Tax Name and Tax Number to my Client's profile?

      When filling out your Client's profile, simply choose their Country, and the appropriate Tax Name and Tax Number fields will appear (if applicable).

      Tax Name and Tax Number fields.

      This will appear on all Invoices to this Client.


      How do I export my Clients?

      1. Go to the Clients section
      2. Click on More Actions
      3. Select Export Clients. Your Clients, secondary contacts, address information and notes will be exported in a CSV file.

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