What is the Payroll Journal report?

The Payroll Journal report shows a detailed breakdown of payroll information for each pay period and each employee. A summary is provided for each employee, along with a breakdown by each pay period to help you review payroll runs for a specific date range.
The Payroll Journal report is only available with the FreshBooks Payroll powered by Gusto add-on.
You can run a Payroll Journal report by doing the following:
  1. Select the Reports section
  2. Then select Payroll Journal under Payroll Reports
  3. Under Date Range, choose a Start Date and End Date
    Payroll journal report with fields for date range and button to download as a csv.

  4. Then select Download CSV and a CSV file will download.
  • Start date and end date must be 1 year or less apart for the report to run
  • All payrolls, including off-cycle, wage corrections, and tax reconciliation payrolls that have a pay date that falls in the date range will be included in the report


The CSV of your Payroll Journal report includes the following:
  • Business name and filing address
  • Payroll Journal Summary by Employee
    • Employee’s name, regular hours, overtime hours, gross earnings, federal and state taxes, deductions (including manual deductions entered by Payroll Specialists), reimbursements, net pay, and employer cost
  • Employee Earnings
    • Breakdown of each employee’s summary for each pay period