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      How do I invite a Team Member?

      As an Owner, working with others in FreshBooks is as easy as inviting them to join your account. Keep productivity and collaboration going by inviting your team member as either an Admin, Employee, Contractor or an Accountant.

      Here’s how each set of permissions can be used:

      Admins get full access to your account. Admins are those you consider key decision makers that need access to information inside your account. They can be co-owners, partners, or even secondary administrators. Admins won’t be able to cancel your account or manage Add-ons or Integrations but they can access everything else.


      Managers have most access to your account. They can help manage your Invoices, Retainers, Estimates, track time and review time by the rest of the team, as well as create their own Expenses. Managers won’t be able to view financial reports or your Dashboard, modify any online payment methods or Bank Connections, and manage Add-ons or Integrations.

      Employees have limited access to your account. Employees are useful if you have team members who only need to track their time and Expenses towards assigned projects. They’ll only be able to see their own entries and won’t be able to create or send Invoices, Retainers, or Estimates to your Clients, or view your reports and financial information.

      Contractors have their own separate FreshBooks account. Any Projects you invite them to will appear in their account as well, so they can track time towards it and invoice you for it afterwards. Contractors can’t see any other information from your account.

      Accountants have access to your account's finances. This is ideal for your bookkeeper or accountant in helping you monitor your business' health. Accountants can see your financial reports as well as add Journal Entries, manage Bank Reconciliation and the Chart of Accounts, review Invoices, add Expenses, Payments and Other Income as needed. You can invite up to 10 Accountants per business at no extra cost, on Plus and Premium plans.

      If your Accountant wants to learn more and familiarize themselves with FreshBooks’ accounting features, they can sign up for the Accounting Professionals Program to become a FreshBooks certified partner along with other benefits. If you don’t have an Accountant yet, reach out to us and we can help you get matched with one of our partners based on your geographical location, industry and your accounting needs.

      If you need to know what each set of permissions can or can’t access, check out this handy table here.


      Send an Invite

      There are three ways you can invite a team member to join your account:


      1. Click on the Dashboard section
      2. Click on the Invite button
      3. Select either Admin, Manager, Employee, Contractor or Accountant
      4. Enter the email address in the To: field, and add a personal message if needed
      5. Then click Send Invitation. Your team member will receive an email with instructions to log in.

      My Team

      1. Click on the My Team section
      2. Click on the Invite button
      3. Select either Admin, Manager, Employee, Contractor or Accountant
      4. Enter the email address in the To: field, and add a personal message if needed
      5. Then click Send Invitation. Your team member will receive an email with instructions to log in.


      Note that this method does not allow you to add a custom message to the email before the invite is sent:

      1. Click on the Projects section
      2. Click on an existing Project, then the Edit button (or the + New Project button for a new Project instead)
      3. Click on the Invite an Employee button, or the Invite a Contractor button
      4. Enter the email address
      5. If you selected Invite an Employee earlier, next to the email field, select Admin, Manager, or Employee from the dropdown
      6. Click Done
      7. Then click Save to finish your changes to the Project. An email will automatically be sent.


      Once you've invited your team member, feel free to send them a link to their Getting Started guide here.



      How do I remove or delete a Team Member? 

      Follow the steps here to delete a Team Member. Once you've deleted a Team Member that you are not planning to replace with a different Team Member, you'll also need to downgrade your account to remove the empty Team Member seat.

      Can I restore or undo a Team Member that I deleted? 

      Team Members can be undeleted with the steps here.

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