How do I invite and manage team members?

As a business owner, working with others in FreshBooks is as easy as inviting them to join your account. Add team members as Unassigned, at no extra cost, to track their information inside your account. Then when you’re ready to start collaborating, use your paid team member invitations to assign them a role as an admin, manager, employee, contractor, or accountant.

Add Team Members

Add a team member profile so you can keep track of your entire team and their information at no extra cost with these steps:
  1. Select either the Dashboard section or the Team Members section
  2. Then select the Add Team Member button
  3. Enter a First Name and Last Name for your team member
    Add team member with fields for name and email.
  4. Then in the Email field, enter in the email address
  5. Select Add
  6. If needed, select the Edit button next to the new team member to add more details to these optional fields:
    Edit team member button next to team member's information box.

    1. In the Basic Details section, specify their Job Title
    2. In the Home Address section, choose a Country, then enter in Street, City, State/District, Zip Code
    3. In the Personal Details section, choose the Region Code and enter in the Personal Phone Number
  7. Select Save and Close to finish.
The team member will now be listed in your FreshBooks account with a role of Unassigned:
List of team members with one team member showing a status of unassigned.

Invite Team Members

Invite new and existing team members to collaborate and work together with you in FreshBooks at an additional cost. Use the below steps:
Before you invite your team member, check out the full set of permissions for each role here first to find out what they can and can’t access.
  1. Select the Team Members section
  2. Then select the team member you want to invite
  3. Under Role and Permissions, confirm that you have enough available invitations
    9 out of 10 invitations available next to invite button on team member profile.

    1. If needed, select the Manage link to upgrade your FreshBooks Subscription to add more team member invitations
  4. Select the Invite button
  5. Then select the Role you’d like your team member to have - if needed, review all roles’ permissions here
    List of roles to assign to team member.
  6. If needed, customize the Body of the email
  7. Select Save and Close
  8. Then either:
    Pop-up showing invite sent with a list of projects with checkboxes next to each.

    1. Check off the boxes next to each project you want the team member to track time for, or check off the box next to Select All Projects instead
      1. Then select Assign Projects
    2. Select No thanks if you want to assign them to a project later.
The team member will receive an email inviting them to join. Feel free to send your team member one of the Getting started guides here to help them get set up in FreshBooks.

Manage Team Members

All unassigned, invited, and accepted team members can be found in the Team Members section.

Team Member Settings

Accepted team members with any role other than Unassigned have additional settings that can be adjusted anytime with these steps:
An invited team member profile showing details, settings, role type, and payroll information.
  1. Select the Team Members section
  2. Then select the team member you want to review
  3. Under Team Member Settings, select any of the below:
    1. To determine the rate your team member’s time can be billed at, select Set Billable Rate and follow the steps here
    2. To track how much you pay your team members, select Set Cost Rate and follow the steps in How does Project Profitability work? here
    3. To determine how many hours your team member can work per week, select Set Capacity and How does Project Profitability work? here
    4. To determine which clients your team member have access to, select client Access and follow the steps in What permissions can I assign to my team member? here.

Roles and Permissions

If needed, select the Edit button next to the role to change your team member's level of access, and select Save to apply the changes.
Team member profile with edit button selected under Roles and Permissions.


Any team members on FreshBooks Payroll will be listed in the Team Members section as Yes under the On Payroll column. Add or manage your team member’s payroll information, including the below:
The Payroll section in a team member’s profile is only available with the FreshBooks Payroll powered by Gusto add-on. If you need to delete a team member that's also on FreshBooks Payroll, reach out to our Support team instead
  • Personal Profile - Add or update the team member’s personal details and home address
  • Work and Banking Details - Add or update the team member’s location and compensation
  • Federal Tax - Add or update the team member’s federal tax details
  • State Tax - Add or update the team member’s state tax details

Individual and Bulk Actions

  • Hover over any accepted team member to quickly perform any of these actions:
    Quick actions bar with two buttons over a team member row.
    • Invite - Invite a team member or re-send an invitation
    • Edit - Select the pencil icon and you’ll be taken to the edit screen of the team member's profile where you can adjust and save afterwards
    • Delete - Select the trash can icon to delete a team member not on FreshBooks Payroll. You can view all deleted team members by selecting on the View Deleted Team Members button at the bottom of the list
  • Check off the boxes next to any team member, select the Bulk Actions button and select Delete or Resend to re-send the invitation to them
  • Team members can be undeleted with the steps in How does archive or delete work? here
Once you've deleted an assigned team member that you're not planning to replace with a new invited team member, downgrade your account to remove the empty team member seat from your FreshBooks subscription.


What do the statuses listed next to my team members mean?
  • Invitation Sent - The team member has not accepted the invitation that was emailed yet
  • Accepted - The team member is currently working with you in FreshBooks