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      What are Projects?

      Projects are a great way to collaborate with Clients and your Team Members inside your FreshBooks account. It's also helpful for communicating with your Clients beyond Invoices - you can review all time tracked from you and your Team Members, as well as see all Invoices and Expenses associated with a specific Project.

      Create a Project

      To create a Project, follow these steps:

      1. Go to the Projects section on the left side
      2. Click on the Create New... button
      3. Select Flat Rate Project or Hourly Project (see here if you're not sure which Project Type to choose)

      You'll be taken to the New Project screen:
      New project button.

      Here's what you can customize in your Project: 

      • Project Members - In the top left corner, click on the + symbol to add existing Team Members or invite new ones
      • Assign a Client - In the top right corner, click to assign a Client to the Project
      • Project Name - Enter a name for your Project
      • Project Services - Add or remove Services you'd like to use for tracking time (or set up your default services to apply automatically to every new project with the steps here)
      • Hourly Budget - In the bottom left corner, add a budget if you'd like to track how much time can be allocated to this Project
      • End Date - In the bottom right corner, you can put in an end date (or deadline) for your Project
      • Flat Rate - If you select Flat Rate Project as your Project Type, indicate the rate you'd like to charge for this Project
      • Project Settings
        • Project Type - Choose between Flat Rate Project (always bill a flat rate regardless of how much time is tracked) or Hourly Project (to charge by a specific rate instead)
        • Set Hourly Rates - If Hourly Project is chosen as the type, choose between Single Hourly RateTeam Member Rates or Service Rates for this Project - read more about what each Billing Rate does here


      Project Overview

      Any Project's details can be viewed by going to the Projects section and clicking on any Project. You’ll land on the Project review tab by default:
      Project overview from the review tab.

      In the Review section, under the Hours Logged tab, you can find the below information:

      • Project Folder - All assigned Project Team Members are displayed with their icons (or initials), along with the Project Name, the Client the Project is assigned to, and an End Date for the Project if specified
      • Project Services - Lists all Services assigned to this Project
      • Hours Logged - Lists the grand total of hours logged to the project, with a breakdown of all logged hours by each Team Member - this will also be displayed next to the Project when viewing your list of Projects
      • Remaining in Budget - The remaining budgeted hours left (if specified) - this is also displayed as the total number of hours next to the Project when viewing your list of Projects
      • Unbilled Time - The remaining time entries that have yet to be billed onto an Invoice
      • Unbilled Expenses - The remaining value of Expenses that have yet to be rebilled onto an Invoice
      • X Days Until Due - If a Project End date is specified, the number of days remaining will be displayed

      To learn more about the Profitability tab, click here.

      Clicking on the More Actions button will allow you to either:

      • Generate Invoice - When you’re ready to bill the Client, an Invoice will be generated with all Project-related time entries automatically added for you
      • Archive - If the Project is completed and you/your team no longer needs to track time to it, archive the Project to move it into view-only in your archived list of Projects
      • Delete - Use this to move the Project to the deleted folder

      Anytime you need to edit the Project, click on the Edit button in the top right corner.


      Below the Project Details and Hours Logged section are a set of tabs that allow you to easily see all of your Project’s information in one place:Project overview showing time tracking, invoices and expenses tabs.

      • Time Tracking - See all time entries, including your Team Member’s logged that are assigned to this Project only (or go to the Time Tracking section to see a breakdown by calendar view instead)
      • Invoices - See all invoices containing your Project’s billed time entries only
      • Expenses - See all expenses assigned to your Project only


      Discuss & Collaborate on Projects

      You can collaborate on any Project by sharing files, attachments or comments with your Client and Team Members. Everything is stored inside the project for easy reference anytime you need it. Just do the following:

      1. Go the Projects section
      2. Click on a Project
      3. Then click on the discuss tab at the top. Discussion section of a project.

      In the Discuss tab, you and all invited Project members (like your Team Members and Client) can post and see each other's posts of:

      • Comments
      • Files - images, gifs, PDFs, documents, spreadsheets (50 MB per file, up to 40 files per post)
      • Links

      Note: Any posts made are permanently saved to the Project discussion with no option to delete afterwards.



      How do I add people to my Project?

      To add people to your Project, follow these steps: 

      1. Go to the Projects section on the left side
      2. For existing Projects, click on it, then click on the Edit button
      3. For a new Project, click on the New Project button
      4. Click on the + symbol under Team Members in the top left
        1. Select your Team Members by using either:
        2. The Select All checkbox
        3. Individually checking off boxes next to the Team Member(s)
        4. The Search field and/or Filter by Role option to check off specific boxes
        5. Then click on the Save or Update Team Members button to send the invites.
      5. Or use the Invite an Employee/Invite a Contractor button to invite a new one
        1. Type in the person's email address in the To: field
        2. Feel free to write a personal message or leave it blank, then click on the Send Invitation button
        3. The invitation will then be emailed, and the recipient can accept it to have access to the Project.

      Note: If you add a Client to a Project, they will only be able to see the Discuss tab. If a Client needs to see time tracked so far, you can either send them an Invoice with the time entries, or run a Time Entry Details report filtered to that Client/Project.

      How do I remove people from my Project? 

      You can remove team members from your Project with the below steps:

      1. Go to the Projects section on the left side
      2. Click on the Project you want to edit
      3. Then click on the Edit button
      4. Click on the + symbol under Team Members in the top left
      5. Uncheck the box next to any existing Team Member
      6. Click Done and any unselected Team Members will be removed from the Project.


      How do I change the Client on a Project?

      1. Go to the Projects section on the left side
      2. Click on the Project you want to change the Client for
      3. Then click on the Edit button
      4. Click over the Client's name and select Change Client
      5. Choose the new Client
      6. Click Save.

      Note: If you have time entries already billed on an Invoice belonging to the original Client, the Invoice will not change Clients and remain as is. Both billed and unbilled time entries will be reassigned to the new Client.

      If the original Client has a Retainer, time entries will be removed from the retainer and reassigned to the new Client instead. If the new Client has a Retainer as well, the time entries from the old Client's Retainer will move to the new Client's Retainer.

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