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      How can I import Expenses from my bank account?

      FreshBooks provides the ability for you to attach your credit card, bank account, and PayPal account for automatic expense importing every day. Expenses from your connected accounts are automatically created for you so you can say goodbye to manual entry work.

      This automatic expense importing feature is available to users located in Canada, US, United Kingdom, Australia and may be available in other countries depending on the bank. 

      Based on where you're located and which banks you'd like to connect to, you can use either Plaid or Yodlee:

      Plaid Yodlee
      For United Kingdom & Ireland users only For worldwide users (except UK & Ireland)
      Preview of bank connection via Plaid. Preview of bank connection via Yodlee.


      Note: The automatic expense importing is made possible by our third party connectors, Yodlee and Plaid. We work closely with Yodlee and Plaid to mitigate any issues that occur, but we recommend checking on your Bank Connections and your Expenses regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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