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2018: New Updates to FreshBooks

FreshBooks is constantly being updated and improved to make running your business even easier and give you more time to focus on what you love. Here are some of the new features and improvements that have recently been released.

Last Updated: April 17, 2018

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Updates to Existing Features

  • Danish Language
    • Danish is now an option for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals. 

New Features


Updates to Existing Features

  • German, Italian and Portuguese Languages
    • German, Italian, and Portuguese are now added as options for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals as well.

New Features

  • Cost of Goods Sold
    • Expenses and Expense Categories can now be marked as COGS, whether you rebill them onto an Invoice or not.

  • E-Signatures
    • You can now request your Clients' e-Signature before they accept a Proposal before beginning work.

  • Other Income
    • Non-invoice income like online sales and ads can now be tracked by logging them as Other Income.


Updates to Existing Features

  • Dashboard on Android
    • A Dashboard view has been added to the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android, making it easy to get a quick look at your business' outstanding invoices, profit and spending while on the go. 

  • View Proposal Attachments on iOS
  • Payment Schedules on iOS
  • Additional Push Notifications on iOS
    • The FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS now has three additional push notifications. Now you can be notified when a Client hasn't viewed an Invoice, Estimate or Proposal in 7 days, when a Client comments, and when an Invoice becomes overdue.

  • Reference Field
    • A Reference Field has been added to the Invoices and Estimates templates so that you can include a Purchase Order (PO) number, project code, or any other 25 character reference on your Invoices.

  • Billable Rates
    • Team Members' rates can now be managed from the My Team page with the addition of a Billable Rate field. 

New Features

  • Spanish and Dutch Languages
    • Spanish, Spanish (Latin America) and Dutch languages have now been added as options for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.

  • Team Permissions


Updates to Existing Features

  • Switch Between 4+ Multiple Businesses
    • Accounts that have 4 or more Businesses now see the Switch Businesses button under My Business. Clicking this will reveal the full list of Businesses to switch to.

New Features

  • Push Notifications on iOS
    • Now you can enable push notifications on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS to be alerted of important activity in your account. This includes unsuccessful payments, declined payments, Estimate accepted and Proposal accepted.
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