Changes & Updates in 2018

In 2018, we've added more new features and improvements to FreshBooks so you can focus on running your business successfully. Release notes (also known as a changelog) are below for 2018.
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CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
Accounting  🎉  Bank Reconciliation Matching up your accounts with FreshBook entries is now possible with Bank Reconciliation.
Invoices, Estimates & Proposals 🎉  Estonian LanguageYou can now select Estonian as an option for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
NavigationReports, Accounting & Other Income NavigationReports have been moved to its own section, Other Income is now under the Invoices section, and Chart of Accounts is now under a new section called Accounting, all to improve the navigation experience.
Accounting & My Team  🎉  Accountants You can now invite up to ten Accountants to your business to help review your financial reports, manage your Invoices, Payments, Expenses and more.
Accounting & Reports 🎉   Balance Sheet View your assets, liabilities and equities in the new Balance Sheet Report.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
Payments & Clients Add Credit Cards on Client ProfilesYou can now add credit cards directly into a Client's profile with Advanced Payments.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
Expenses & Bank ConnectionsBank Connections Last Successful ImportA notification at the top of your list of Expenses will display your last imported Expenses from your Bank Connection.
Invoices & ExpensesRebilling Expenses in Different CurrenciesA pop-up will let you know if you are trying to rebill Expenses on an Invoice with a different currency.
Payments & ClientsAdvanced Payments Saved Credit Cards on Client ProfilesWith Advanced Payments, saved credit cards are now visible on the Client's Profile.
Payments & InvoicesOwners Removing Credit Cards from Recurring TemplatesOwners can now remove saved credit cards from Recurring Templates that are processing Automatic Payments.
Expenses & Bank ConnectionsUncategorized Expenses Filter
You can now use the search box in the Expenses section to filter by Uncategorized expenses while organizing your Expenses.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
Invoices & Payments
Bulk Add Payment Apply to All
When adding payments in bulk, you can choose to apply the same information to all payments if needed.
BusinessesBusiness DeletionIf you've created additional businesses that you no longer need, you can now delete it after cancelling it.
Invoices & PaymentsBulk Add Date to all PaymentsYou can now apply the same date to all payments if needed when adding payments in bulk.
Accounting & ReportsChart of Accounts Amounts ClickableAll amounts on the Chart of Accounts are now clickable so you can see where the totals come from.
Invoices, Estimates & Proposals🎉  Norwegian LanguageYou can now select Norwegian as an option for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.
Other Income 🎉  Other Income Non-invoice income like online sales and ads can now be tracked by logging them as Other Income.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
Accounting & Reports 🎉  Accounting ReportsThe Trial Balance Report, General Ledger Report and Chart of Accounts is now available on Plus and Premium plans.
Invoices Bulk Download as PDFsMultiple Invoices can now be downloaded as separate PDF files.
Payments🎉  Advanced PaymentsWith Advanced Payments, you can now process credit card payments over phone or in person, as well as save credit card information for future Invoices and Recurring Templates. 
MobileBulk Actions & Reference Field on Android & iOSYou can now add and view the Reference field on all Invoices, as well as bulk delete, archive and Mark as Paid in the FreshBooks Mobile App for both Android and iOS.
ProjectsRemove Employees & Contractors from ProjectsYou can now remove Employees and Contractors from Projects they no longer need to work on.
Invoices & PaymentsBulk Add PaymentsAdding payments to multiple Invoices in one go is now possible with the Bulk Action button on a list of Invoices.
Clients & Payments
🎉  Client Saved Credit Cards 
Clients now have the option to save their credit card information while paying Invoices. 
Rebill Time Entries on Android
 Time Entries can now be rebilled onto Invoices in the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android. When making an Invoice and adding items, the option to add unbilled time (if there are any) will appear.
Rebill Expenses on iOS
Expenses can now be rebilled onto Invoices on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
InvoicesView Deleted and Undelete Recurring Templates
A deleted section is now available for any deleted Recurring Templates, and you can also undelete any Recurring Templates.
Estimates & ProposalsEmail Notification for Accepted Estimate or ProposalYou'll now receive an email whenever a Client accepts an Estimate or Proposal.
DashboardUnbilled Time WidgetAn Unbilled Time widget has been added to the Dashboard so you can easily see how much unbilled time you have per client, and quickly generate invoices for the time.
InvoicesBulk Send by EmailYou can now send multiple Invoices by Email in one go.
MobileArchive Invoices & Add Tax Name & Number on iOSInvoices can now be archived, and you can add or view the Tax Name & Number in Business settings (if applicable) on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
Referrals🎉  Referral Program Referring FreshBooks to others is now possible by sending an email, a FaceBook Message, a FaceBook post, or by copying your unique referral link


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
Mobile Late Fees & Reminders on iOS
Enabling late fees and payment reminders is now possible on any Invoice on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
Clients🎉  Import Clients from CSVYou can now add new clients in bulk by importing in with a CSV file.
InvoicesModifying Items & Services on InvoicesEditing Items & Services on line items on Invoices will no longer affect the original Item or Service.
Invoices, Estimates & ProposalsGreek & Romanian LanguagesGreek and Romanian are now options for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.
NavigationRedesigned Apps & IntegrationsThe Apps & Integrations page in your account now displays featured apps alongside with any connected apps you have.
Mobile Update My Company on iOSUpdate Business details directly on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
Other IncomeOther Income AutofillThe Category now will autofill based on the Source you enter, if it has been categorized previously before, saving you time.
Invoices & ProjectsBill for Flat Rate ProjectsYou can now bill for Flat Rate Projects from an Invoice.
Time Tracking Mark Time as UnbilledNow you can mark time as unbilled if you'd like to bill for it again, or if you've accidentally marked the wrong time as billed.
MobileBulk Invoice Actions on iOSBulk Mark as Paid and Bulk Mark as Sent is now available on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
Invoices & Time TrackingItems & Services Management Items & Services can now be managed in one place, where you're able to update rates, taxes and more.
InvoicesBulk Mark as SentYou can now select multiple Invoices and use the Actions button to mark them as Sent in one go.
Mobile Rebill Expenses on AndroidExpenses can now be rebilled onto Invoices in the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android. When making an Invoice and adding items, the option to add unbilled expenses (if there are any) will appear.
Mobile Rebill Time on iOSYou can now rebill your time entries on Invoices using the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS. When making an Invoice and adding items, the option to add unbilled time (if there are any) will appear.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
Expenses  🎉  Import Expenses from CSV Expenses can now be imported in bulk with the CSV file import option.
MobileMobile Sign UpYou can now sign up for a FreshBooks account on the FreshBooks Mobile App  directly. 
Time TrackingMy Time EntriesTime Entries has now been renamed to My Time Entries, and a green + button is now available to quickly log time outside of the timer.
Invoices, Estimates & Proposals  
🎉  Danish & Swedish Languages
Danish and Swedish are now options for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals. 
Expenses & ReportsSource Added to Expense List & Expense ReportNow it's easier to see which Team Member logged the Expense under the Source column when viewing a list of Expenses or the Expense Report.
Revenue Streams Dashboard Graph
Now you can easily monitor your streams of revenue from both Other Income and your Invoices using the Revenue Streams graph on your Dashboard. 
Other Income
Sort for Other Income
You can now click on any header when viewing the list of Other Income entries to sort by that header.
Dashboard on iOS
The FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS now has a Dashboard view, making it easy to get a quick look at your business' outstanding invoices, profit and spending while on the go.
My Team
New Team Member Invite Flow
When inviting a new Team Member, Owners now have the option to select multiple Projects for the Employee to be added to when sending the invite.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
Invoices, Estimates & Proposals 🎉  German, Italian and Portuguese Languages German, Italian, and Portuguese are now added as options for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals as well.
Expenses & Reports🎉  Cost of Goods SoldExpenses and Expense Categories can now be marked as COGS, whether you rebill them onto an Invoice or not.
Proposals  🎉  E-Signatures You can now request your Clients' e-Signature before they accept a Proposal before beginning work.
Other Income 🎉  Other Income Non-invoice income like online sales and ads can now be tracked by logging them as Other Income.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
MobileDashboard on Android
A Dashboard view has been added to the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android, making it easy to get a quick look at your business' outstanding invoices, profit and spending while on the go.
Invoices, Estimates & Proposals 🎉  Spanish & Dutch Languages Spanish, Spanish (Latin America) and Dutch languages have now been added as options for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.
My Team 🎉  Team PermissionsAdd new team members as a Admin, Employee or Contractor depending on which permissions you want to grant the team member.
MobileView Proposal Attachments on iOS
You can now see attachments on existing Proposals on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
MobilePayment Schedules on iOS
Payment Schedules can now be set up from the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
Mobile Additional Push Notifications on iOS
The FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS now has three additional push notifications. Now you can be notified when a Client hasn't viewed an Invoice, Estimate or Proposal in 7 days, when a Client comments, and when an Invoice becomes overdue.
Invoices Reference FieldA Reference Field has been added to the Invoices and Estimates templates so that you can include a Purchase Order (PO) number, project code, or any other 25 character reference on your Invoices.
 Billable RatesTeam Members' rates can now be managed from the My Team page with the addition of a Billable Rate field.


CategoryChanges & UpdatesDetails
NavigationSwitch Business
Accounts that have 4 or more Businesses now see the Switch Businesses button under My Business. Clicking this will reveal the full list of Businesses to switch to.
My TeamSwitch Team Member RoleYou can now switch team member roles between Employees and Admins or vice versa.
Mobile  🎉  Push Notifications on iOS
Now you can enable push notifications on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS to be alerted of important activity in your account. This includes unsuccessful payments, declined payments, Estimate accepted and Proposal accepted.