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      How Do I Import Clients From a File?

      The people you send Invoices or Estimates to are Clients. If you’re looking to save time from adding each new Client one by one manually, you can import your list of Clients in bulk instead.

      With the CSV import, you can specify either the First and Last Name or the Company Name of your Clients, which are required fields.

      These are also optional fields you can include in your file:

      • Email address
      • Phone Number
      • Street Address
      • City
      • State
      • Zip Code
      • Country


      To import your file in, use these steps:

      1. Ensure your CSV file has the required fields and necessary details (see below for possible errors)
      2. Go to the Clients section
      3. Click on the More Actions button
      4. Select Import Clients
      5. Click on Choose File…
      6. Select your CSV
      7. Match the fields to the columns from your file using the dropdown (e.g., First Name should match to the column that has First Names in it)
        List of fields to map to in csv file.
      8. Click on Continue
      9. Next, match any other optional fields for Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, and/or Country
      10. Once you’re done matching the fields, click on Import Clients
      11. New Clients will be added and you can start reviewing them in your list of Clients.

      Secondary contacts can be added in manually in each profile after the import is completed.


      How are duplicate Clients handled?

      All Clients will be imported, regardless if they are duplicates or already exist in FreshBooks. We recommend checking the CSV before import to ensure only unique clients are brought in.

      Why am I being asked to pay?

      If you try to import more Clients than you have space for in your plan, you will be asked to upgrade. To continue importing, you can either:

      • Modify your CSV file and remove the correct number of Clients to accommodate your plan
      • Or upgrade your account to a higher plan to increase your Client limit

      Why did I get an error uploading my file?

      The CSV file may be invalid depending on the error:

      • The CSV file itself is corrupt - copy the information to a new workbook and re-save as a .csv format
      • There are no header columns in the file or one header column is missing - First & Last Name or Company Name are required to be the first row in the file (if headers are missing, the first row is skipped)
      • There are invalid formats in the file (e.g., incorrect emails)
      • There are empty cells in the file (right click and select Delete to clear out empty cells)
      • The file is larger than 2MB - try splitting it into two or more CSVs instead

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