How do I import items from a file?

Items are used when you’re billing for goods or products sold to your clients. If you have a lot of items and want to save some time, you can import your list of items in bulk instead.
When creating the CSV file, ensure the file has these required headers, and then add your data: 
  • Name
  • Description
  • Rate
Once your file is ready, import it in with these steps:
  1. Select the Items and Services section
  2. Then select the Import Items button
    Import items button at top of page.
  3. Next, select Choose File…
  4. Then select your CSV
  5. Match the fields to the columns from your file using the dropdown (e.g., Name should match to the Name header inside your file)
    Fields to map over for items in your csv file.
  6. Select Import Items
  7. New items will be added and you can start invoicing with them.


How are duplicate items handled?
Item names must be unique, so if the name is taken, you can either:

Why did I get an error uploading my file?
The CSV file may be invalid depending on the error:
  • The CSV file itself is corrupt - Copy the information to a new workbook and re-save as a .csv format
  • There are no header columns in the file or one header column is missing - Name, Description and Rate are required to be the first row in the file (if headers are missing, the first row is skipped)
  • There are invalid formats in the file (e.g., commas instead of decimals)
  • Names cannot exceed 255 characters
  • The file is larger than 2MB - Try splitting it into two or more CSVs instead