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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bank Reconciliation Summary Report?

The Bank Reconciliation Summary is a report that makes it easy to see how organized your accounts are and if there are any remaining transactions to be matched in your Bank Reconciliation. This report is also useful for seeing all unmatched transactions across all bank accounts, as well as any Expenses and Payments logged in your FreshBooks account that have yet to be matched.

You can run a Bank Reconciliation Summary by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Reports section
  2. Select Bank Reconciliation Summary under Accounting Reports.

Preview of a sample bank reconciliation summary report.

There are a few things you're able to change when running the Bank Reconciliation Summary. Click on the button next to the Report title, and you'll see some filters:

  • Date - Choose one of the preset ranges (Today, End of Last Month) or choose Custom instead to add your own range in which will determine which transactions you’ll see
  • Bank Account - Choose which Bank Account you want to view transactions from

The report displays the below:

  • Unmatched FreshBooks Entries - These are displayed first and show all your Payments & Other Income and your Expenses that have yet to be matched to transactions in your Bank Account.
  • Unmatched Bank Transactions from (Bank Account) - These are entries from your connected Bank Account that have yet to be matched to entries from FreshBooks.
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