What is a Credit Balance report?

A Credit Balance report summarizes the credit balance for each client with a detailed breakdown showing the amount issued, applied, and remaining.
You can run a Credit Balance report by doing the following: 
  1. Select the Reports section
  2. Then select Credit Balance under Payments Reports.
To adjust your view of the Credit Balance report, select Filters under Settings. From there, you can change: 
Credit balance report with filters selected.
  • Reset all - Select this link to restore the filters back to the default settings
  • Date Range - Choose from This Month, This Year, Last Year, This Quarter, Last Quarter, or Custom to enter a specific date range (or if you’ve changed your fiscal year end date, choose from the extra options)
  • Currency - Toggle between multiple currencies, only one currency can be viewed at a time


The Summary area shows you the following: 
  • Balance Forward - This is the credit balance for the prior period up to the start date of your date range selected
  • Credit Issued - This is the total credit created for the client (includes all credit notes, overpayment and prepayment credits) 
  • Credit Applied - This is the total credit applied as payment on Invoices for that client. If you need to track down the specific invoices that have credit applied as payment, run a Client Account Statement instead
  • Credit Balance - The remaining credit left that can be applied as payment on future invoices
Additional options can also be accessed in the top right corner of the Credit Balance report:
  • More Actions
    • Export for Excel - Download the report as a CSV file
    • Print - Print the report or save the report as a PDF using the print dialog
  • Send... - Send the report to any specific email addresses