What is an Accounts Payable Aging report?

The Accounts Payable Aging report will show you which Vendors have outstanding Bills that need to be paid.
The Accounts Payable Aging report is part of Accounts Payable which is only available on trials, Premium and Select plans.
You can run an Accounts Payable Aging report by doing the following:
  1. Select the Reports section
  2. Then select Accounts Payable Aging under Payments Reports.
To adjust your view of the Accounts Payable Aging report, select Filters under Settings. From there, you can change:
Filters for accounts payable aging report.
  • Reset all - Select this link to restore the filters back to the default settings
  • As Of - Choose between Today, End of Last Month, End of Last Quarter, End of Last Year or Custom to enter a specific date range (or if you’ve changed your fiscal year end date, choose from the extra options)
  • Group By - Choose between Outstanding (past the bill issue date) or Overdue (past the due date) bills
  • Currency - Toggle between multiple currencies, only one currency can be viewed at a time
Select either the Vendor or Total headers at the top of the report to sort the data in ascending or descending order by that particular header.
Additional options can also be accessed in the top right corner of the Accounts Payable Aging report:
  • More Actions
    • Export for Excel - Download the report as a CSV file
    • Print - Print the report or save the report as a PDF using the print dialog
  • Send... - Send the report to any specific email addresses


  • Bills are grouped by Outstanding (past the bill issue date) or by Overdue (past the due date) into intervals of 0-30 Days, 31-60 Days, 61-90 Days, and 90+ Days
  • Managers viewing this report can only review their own bills instead