What Is the Recurring Revenue Details Report?

The Recurring Revenue Details Report lists each individual Recurring Template and Retainer that makes up your monthly recurring revenue for each of your Clients. Run from the present date to any date in the future, this report allows you to see your future projected recurring revenue at any given time.
To see a simple breakdown of your monthly recurring revenue by stream, run a Recurring Revenue Annual Report instead.
The Recurring Revenue Details Report is available for specific users and Select plans only.
To access your Recurring Revenue Details Report, use the following steps:
  1. Go to the Reports section
  2. Select Recurring Revenue Details under Invoice & Expense Reports.
To adjust your view of the Recurring Revenue Details Report, click on the Filters button under Settings. From there, you can change:
Recurring revenue details report with settings menu open on right side.
  • Date Range - This Month (From Today), This Year (From Today), This Quarter (From Today) or Custom (or if you’ve changed your Fiscal Year End date, choose from the extra options)
  • Clients - Choose between All Clients or select specific Clients to filter by
  • Currency - Toggle between multiple currencies, only one currency can be viewed at a time
If your Recurring Revenue Details Report has more than 100 Clients in a 12 month range, you'll see a link to Download Report instead. Alternatively, you can select up to 100 Clients in the Filters to view the Report inside your account.
Report too long to display notification at bottom of report.


The Recurring Revenue Details Report is broken down into several sections, making it easy to see where your monthly totals come from:
  • Month - Any active Recurring Template and Retainers set to generate during that month will be listed
  • Date - The date of when the Recurring Template or Retainer is due to generate an Invoice during that month
  • Recurring Template / Retainer - The unique ID of the Recurring Template or Retainer, clicking on this link takes you to that active Template or Retainer
  • Frequency - How often the Template or Retainer is generating Invoices
  • Amount - The grand total of the Recurring Template or Retainer’s generated Invoice
  • Note that Sales Tax is not included in this report when looking at revenue
Clicking More Actions in the top right will give you the option to Export for Excel, or Print your Report.