How do I view all sent emails?

FreshBooks sends out email on your behalf for all activity in your account. These sent emails can be viewed anytime, especially if you need to confirm whether a specific email was generated or not.
Sent Emails is available for specific users and on paid plans only.
If you're looking to customize your emails to your clients, review email customization, or to manage your email notifications, review notifications instead.
To access your sent emails, use the below steps:
  1. Select the Clients section
  2. Then select the Sent Emails sub-tab.
    Sent Emails button in Client section.
Select any email to preview it, along with additional information:
Preview of a sent email.
  • Email Type - The top of the email preview specifies the type of email sent, review What emails are sent out of my account? for a list of all email types
  • To - The recipient of the email including their email address - select the name to go the client profile instead
  • From - The sender of the email, whether that’s the owner or team member
  • Date - The date the email was sent
  • Subject & Body - The specified subject and body of the email is displayed, links are replaced with brackets < > while viewing sent emails in your account, but your recipient will have the appropriate link on their email instead
  • While viewing emails, use the < Previous and Next > buttons to quickly toggle through your list of sent emails as needed
  • You can check off multiple boxes and use the More Actions button to delete sent emails to manage your list of emails easily; sent emails can be undeleted later if needed
  • Emails are deleted after 90 days