How do I activate Pre-Authorized Debit on my invoices? (CAD)

PAD Payments, also known as Pre-Authorized Debits (PAD), is available through Stripe and allows businesses to debit clients through bank-to-bank transfers in CAD currency with recurring payments.
PAD Payments is available to businesses that have selected Canada in Basic Information settings and have a Canadian bank account connected in Stripe. PAD Payments is available for recurring payments on recurring templates only.



Activate PAD Payments on Invoices

PAD Payments can be activated on any recurring template where the currency is in CAD ($) with the below steps:
  1. If you have not yet set up Stripe, complete the steps to accept online payments with Stripe first
  2. When creating a recurring template, under Settings, select Accept Online Payments
    Accept online payments under settings on invoice.
  3. Under Stripe, check off the box next to Accept Pre-Authorized Debit
    Checkbox checked off next to accept Pre-Authorized Debit.
  4. Choose between Business Debit (goods and services related to your business) or Personal Debit (goods and services for consumers)
  5. Select Done to finish and resume creating your recurring template as needed.

Client View

As a client, open the link to the generated invoice from the recurring template, and use these steps to pay using Pre-Authorized Debit: 
  1. On the invoice, select the Pre-Authorized Debit sub-tab
    Pre-authorized debit tab on payment form of invoice.
  2. Then select the Pay $xx.xx button
  3. In the Stripe payment window, enter your Email and your Name, then select the Pay $xx.xx button
    Email and name fields to fill out.
  4. Select either:
    1. Agree to confirm linking your bank account with online login credentials
      Agree button to connect bank account.
      1. Choose your Bank
      2. Enter your Bank’s Username and Password, then select Continue
      3. Answer any security questions as needed
      4. Select the account to pay from, then select Continue
      5. Confirm your Pre-Authorized Debit details then select Pay $xx.xx to finish
    2. Or select Manually Verify below the Agree button to use micro-deposits instead
      Manually verify link below agree button.
      1. Enter the Institution Number
      2. Then enter the Transit NumberAccount Number and select Submit
      3. Review the micro-deposit details and select Confirm
      4. Then confirm your Pre-Authorized Debit details and select Pay $xx.xx to finish
  5. An email will be sent confirming the terms of the Pre-Authorized Debit payment.


What’s the difference between Business Debit and Personal Debit?
There are two types of PAD Payment accounts, depending on who your clients are:
  • Personal Debit - Used for goods or services provided to your clients who are consumers
  • Business Debit - Used for goods or services related to your business, like payments between vendors, distributors/suppliers, dealers/manufacturers, commercial activity and more