How do I use Checkout Links on iOS?

Use Checkout Links to create unique payment links to collect online payments without making an invoice first. You can share Checkout Links on your website, social media, or even by QR code in person to let your clients select and pay for items or services at a fixed price with online payments on iOS.
Checkout Links can only be used with PayPal, Stripe, and WePay.

Set Up Checkout Links

Create a Checkout Link for your clients to pay online by using the below steps:
  1. Tap on the More … button at the bottom right
  2. Then select Checkout Links
    Checkout Links button from main navigation.
  3. Next, tap on the + symbol
  4. Under Online Payments, tap on Accept Online Payments
  5. Next to the payment method you’d like to use, slide the toggle to turn it on and if needed, activate additional types of payments using the steps in How do I accept online payments? here
  6. Tap on Add Item or Service and choose an existing item or service, or add a new item with the + symbol
    New checkout link with fields to fill out.
  7. Edit the Description, Rate, Tax and Line Total as needed, then tap on Done
  8. If needed, tap on Currency and select a different currency
  9. Then tap on Done to save your new Checkout Link.

Manage Checkout Links

Once your Checkout Link is saved, you can open it and tap on any of the below:
Checkout link overview with options to share link.
  • Copy Link - Copy the link for you to share anywhere
  • QR Code - Generate the QR code for your client to scan in person
  • Preview - Preview what the Checkout Link looks like on your client’s end
  • Share Link - Send the Checkout Link by email, text, or post online as needed
  • Send to Client - Generate an email to send the Checkout Link to your client
  • Pause / Activate Link - Pause the Checkout Link to stop receiving payments and to display an unavailable page to your clients who try to access the link, or Activate the Checkout Link to resume accepting payments again

From the Checkout Links section, you can also:
  • Sort - Tap on Sort By Name and choose to sort by Name or Amount
  • Sort Order - Tap on the up or down arrow to sort in ascending or descending order
  • Quick Pause / Activate - Swipe to the right on any Checkout Link to quickly Pause it to stop receiving payments, or if paused, to Activate it to start accepting payments again