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      How do I scan my Expense Receipts?

      Receipt Scanning is provided by one of our partners, Sensibill, to allow you to keep track of your Expense Receipts by scanning them while you’re on the go and reviewing them later in your Inbox. Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), details are automatically extracted from the scanned Documents and filled out for you when reviewing so you can quickly create Expenses.


      Receipt Scanning is only available for certain users for now in Canada, United States and United Kingdom on Plus, Premium and Select plans. Our Product Team is working on updates to make this available for all in the near future.



      Upload a Document

      There are multiple ways to upload your Expense Receipt: 

      • Go to the Expenses section, then click on the Inbox sub-section underneath and click on the Upload Documents button
        Inbox sub section in navigation menu.
      • Go to Expenses section, click on the down arrow next to the New Expense button and click on Upload Receipt

      From there, choose your JPEG, PNG or PDF files to upload. It can take up to 10 minutes for the document to be scanned. Once they’re scanned, you can find them in the Inbox sub-section.


      Review a Document

      Access all scanned Documents in the Inbox section and begin reviewing them with the below steps:

      1. Click on the Expenses section
      2. Then click on the Inbox sub-section underneath
        Inbox sub section in navigation menu.png
      3. Click on Review next to any scanned Document
        Review link next to a scanned document.
      4. In the Review screen, click on the More Actions button and select Assign to Client/Project or Currency if needed
      5. Next, look over any populated fields in the Expense Details and ensure they are correct, or if missing, add them in
        Scanned document open with with fields to fill out.
      6. If needed, include details in the Add description field
      7. Click Create and a new Expense will be created with this Document attached as a Receipt. The Document will also be moved out of your Inbox into the list of Expenses.

      Note: While reviewing a scanned Document, click on either:
      Download and zoom buttons above receipt image.

      • Download - Use the down arrow button to download a copy of the Document
      • Zoom - Use the minus and plus buttons to zoom in and out of the Document while you’re looking over the details


      Additional Inbox Actions

      Hover over any Document to quickly perform any of these actions:

      • Create Expense - Click on the pizza icon and an Expense will be immediately created without reviewing it first
      • Delete - Click on the trash can icon to delete the Document

      Or to update multiple Documents in bulk, check off multiple boxes, then click on the Bulk Actions button and choose either:

      • Review Documents - Review several Documents to create Expenses or Bills for them
      • Create Expense - Check the box off next to one Document to immediately create an Expense for it without reviewing it first
      • Delete - Move several Documents to your deleted Documents list



      Why did my document not scan successfully?
      Receipt scanning depends on having a clean and well-lit photo to extract information from. There are several reasons why the scan may fail:

      • Incorrect file type - Only JPEG, PNG and PDFs are accepted file formats
      • Receipt is blurry - Ensure camera isn’t shaking or too far away from receipt
      • Receipt is too crumpled - Try to smooth out the wrinkles and ensure receipt is flat as possible
      • Receipt is too faded - The print ink may have faded, try taking the photo of the receipt with a higher contrast
      • Receipt is taken on light background or odd angle - try a darker background, or arrange the receipt so edges align with the screen of your camera’s preview image

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