Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an Estimate?

Estimates allow you to create and send an estimated outline of your Items or Services to your Client for approval before beginning the work.  


How do I create an Estimate?

If you're on your Dashboard

  1. Click on the Create New button
  2. Then select Estimate. This will take you to the New Estimate screen.


  1. Go to the Estimates section
  2. Click on the New Estimate button. This will take you to the New Estimate screen.

Each section of the Estimate is broken down into detail below:


New Estimate



Customize Estimate Style

  • Template - You can choose between Simple or Modern, for the option of having a logo in a corner, or a wide banner across the top of your Invoice.
  • Theme Color - This will change the color of your headings (e.g., Description, Rate, Estimate Number). It will also change the banner color at the top of your Estimate on the Modern template.
  • Font - You can choose between Helvetica (Modern) and Garamond (Classic). 

For the Client

  • Currency & Language - Here you're able to change the currency or language (either English or French) of the Estimate.


How do I accept an Estimate?

You can send the Invoice by email with the Send... button. Then your Client receives an email with a direct link to the Estimate, and can Accept it with a single click.

The Client's view of the Estimate will look similar to below: 



How do I convert an Estimate into an Invoice?

Once the Estimate has been reviewed by your Client, converting it into an Invoice is easy: 

  1. With the Estimate open, click on the More Actions button
  2. Click on Convert to Invoice


  3. You will be taken to the New Invoice page, and you can finish building the rest of your Invoice
  4. Click Save (to save as a Draft) or click Send... to email it to your Client.