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      How do I accept Online Payments with Stripe?

      To start receiving online payments by Credit Card and Bank Transfer (ACH) on your Invoices, you can enable Stripe.

      You can connect your FreshBooks account to either one of our payment gateway options, Stripe (US, Canada & International) or FreshBooks Payments powered by WePay (US & Canada click here).

      Are you based outside of US and Canada? You'll see FreshBooks Payments Powered by Stripe instead. Click here for more info.

      Looking for Authorize.Net or Braintree? These gateways are currently not supported in FreshBooks.

      With Stripe, your Clients will have the ability to pay their Invoices with a credit card, and you can sit back and watch the money get added to your bank account automatically. Connecting Stripe to FreshBooks takes less than 10 minutes and will require you to create a free Stripe account (or log into an existing Stripe account).

      Benefits of Stripe

      Set Up Stripe

      Get started by setting up your Stripe account with the below steps:


      From Online Payments Settings

      1. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner
      2. Click on Online Payments Settings
      3. Click on Connect next to Stripe
        Connect Stripe button.
      4. In the new window, enter your Email and click Next
        Get started with stripe page with email field to fill out.
      5. If you have an existing Stripe account, enter your Password to log into it
        1. Then choose the account you'd like to connect to FreshBooks and click Connect
        2. Or click on Create a new account instead to make a new Stripe account
      6. Otherwise, create a new Password to set up a new Stripe account and click Next
      7. Enter your business details, payout details and support information as needed
      8. Review your Stripe account details and click Submit to finish your setup, you'll be taken back to FreshBooks
      9. You'll also want to follow the steps in the From An Invoice section below to enable it on an Invoice as well.


      From An Invoice

      Once your Stripe account is completely set up using the above steps, you can begin enabling this payment option on your Invoices. You can enable Accept Credit Cards, Accept ACH Bank Transfer or both with these steps:

      1. When creating an Invoice, click on the Accept Online Payments option in the Settings panel to the right of the invoice
        Accept credit cards button.
      2. Stripe should now appear. Click on Connect Stripe to finish the credit card payment set up
        Connect Stripe button to enable Stripe.
      3. Check off the box(es) next to Accept Credit Cards and/or Accept ACH Bank Transfer (available for US businesses and clients only). If both are checked off, your Clients can pay by either Credit Card or Bank Transfer on this Invoice. If only one is checked off, your Clients can only pay by the selected option
        Checkboxes next to Accept Credit Cards and Accept ACH Bank Transfers on invoice.
      4. If you want your Clients to be able to pay the Invoice partially (even with Bank Transfers or Payment Schedules enabled as well), check off Allow Clients to make partial online payments for this Invoice
        Checkbox to enable partial payments.
      5. Click Done to finish applying the payment settings and continue editing the rest of your Invoice.

      Your invoice is now ready to be paid - all your client has to do is click the Pay Now button when they receive your invoice. To see what your client will experience, click here.


      Your online payment settings are remembered based on your most recent invoice created, go to invoice customization here for more details.


      Processing & Payout Times

      Once your Client pays an Invoice through Stripe, the status of the Invoice will update to Processing. This means the payment has gone through Stripe and Stripe's team is reviewing the transaction to ensure it's safely processed. This can take up to several business days depending on the transaction. Once it's reviewed and is successful, the Invoice will be updated to Paid status and the funds will be on its way to your Stripe dashboard.

      Note that payout schedules on Stripe differ based on whether it's your first payout or not, or where your business is located.



      How do I turn Accept Online Payments on or off on an Invoice? 

      You can turn the ability to accept online payments with credit cards on or off on an Invoice by using these steps:

      1. Open the Invoice you want to turn online payments on or off for
      2. Click on the Edit button
      3. Under Settings, click on Accept Online Payments
      4. Check off or uncheck the box and click Done
      5. Accept Online Payments will now be set to YES or NO (Invoice will or will not accept online payments by credit card or bank transfer).

      Can I only use Bank Transfers (ACH)? 

      Yes, on every individual Invoice, you can turn off Accept Credit Cards by unchecking the box next to it, and ensuring the checkbox for Accept Bank Transfers (ACH) is left checked. The Client will only see the option to pay by ACH when viewing the Invoice.

      Note: there is a $6000 USD cap on a single ACH transaction. You can reach out to Stripe to raise this limit.


      Where can I see all transactions processed by FreshBooks Payments Powered by Stripe?

      1. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner
      2. Click on Online Payments Settings
      3. If needed, click on the slider icon next to All transactions to filter the list of transactions by either Start Date, End Date, Status, Payment Type, Gateway and/or Currency
      4. Click Apply to save any filters and your list of transactions will update.List of all transactions with details.


      How do I disconnect my Stripe account? 

      1. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner
      2. Next, click on Online Payments Settings
      3. Then click on the Disable link under your Stripe Account Details and click OK to confirm.

      How does Stripe handle chargebacks/disputes?

      Learn more about Stripe's Chargeback/Dispute process here.


      Why do I see my clients' information as a customer profile inside my Stripe Dashboard? 

      This is part of our PSD2 compliance with Stripe's current API, where any credit cards that are saved by you or by the Client will automatically show up as a customer profile inside your Stripe Dashboard. If the customer profile from the Stripe Dashboard is deleted, this will cause any of your Recurring Templates with saved credit cards to fail, and you or the Client will need to re-enter the credit card details. This will recreate the customer profile in your Stripe Dashboard and the Recurring Template will continue to generate auto-paid Invoices moving forward.

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