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How do I enable FreshBooks Payments on Invoices?

To start receiving online payments by Credit Card and Bank Transfer (ACH) on your Invoices, you can enable FreshBooks Payments powered by WePay. There are two ways to connect your FreshBooks account to FreshBooks Payments:

From Accept Online Payments

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top left corner
  2. Click on Accept Online PaymentsAccept online payments link in Settings.
  3. Click on Get Started with Online Payments under FreshBooks Payments
  4. A verification email will send to your email address to complete the rest of the setup
  5. If you are based in the US and would like to enable Bank Transfers (ACH) as well, slide the toggle green next to Accept ACH Bank Transfers to turn onEnableBankTransfers.png
  6. You'll also want to follow the steps in the From An Invoice section below to enable it on an Invoice as well.


From An Invoice

  1. When creating an Invoice, click on the Accept Online Payments option in the Settings panel to the right of the invoiceAccept credit cards button.
  2. FreshBooks Payments should now appear. Click on Get Started to finish the Credit Card and Bank Transfer payment set up.

Your invoice is now ready to be paid with a credit card or by Bank Transfer! All your client has to do is click the Pay Now button when they receive your invoice. To see what your client will experience, click here.



Is my business or industry safe to use with WePay? 

Please check the Prohibited Activities section of WePay's Terms of Service to ensure you can safely process payments with WePay.


How do I turn Accept Online Payments on or off on an Invoice? 

You can turn the ability to accept online payments with credit cards on or off on an Invoice by using these steps:

  1. Open the Invoice you want to turn online payments on or off for
  2. Click on the Edit button
  3. Under Settings, click on Accept Online Payments
  4. Check off or uncheck the box and click Done
  5. Accept Online Payments will now be set to YES or NO (Invoice will or will not accept online payments by credit card).


Can I only use Bank Transfers (ACH)? 

Bank Transfers (ACH) can be turned on or off in your account, but credit card payments will always remain enabled. You can disable Accept Online Payments as a whole on individual Invoices as needed with the steps above.

What will my Clients see on their bank statement?

Once your client makes a payment through FreshBooks Payments, the transaction will appear as "WPY*yourcompanyname" on their credit card statement.

It is important that your Client is familiar with how the transaction will appear on their credit card statement, as to reduce the rate of chargebacks due to unrecognized charges.


Can I use the same WePay account with multiple businesses? 

Yes you can! As long as the Company Profile is in the same country as your WePay account, you can keep using the same WePay account in any additional business you add.


The email on my WePay account is wrong. How can I update it so I can finish setting up? 

When you set up your FreshBooks account, we automatically provision a WePay account for you using the same email as your account (for US or Canadian customers).

If the email set up is incorrect (because of a typo or you were using a test email), we can change the email for you. Just give our Support a quick call or email with the correct email address to use!


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