How do I accept online payments With WePay?

WePay is one of our many online payment processors, to allow you to receive online payments in USD or CAD with credit cards and bank transfers (ACH).
WePay recently announced that it will be winding down its online payment operations. As of June 26, 2024, you will no longer be able to process online payments through WePay. For existing WePay users, review How do I switch from WePay to Stripe? for details on the transfer of your saved credit card data.


  • Availability - For businesses in Canada and the US
  • Transaction Fee - Review WePay’s list of transaction fees
  • Setup - Quick to create an account, no setup, monthly or cancellation fees
  • Processing / Payout Schedule - Payments are processed on an average of 1-3 business days for credit cards, up to 5 business days for Bank Transfers, review payout details here
  • Statement Descriptor - Your clients will view "WEPAY*account_name" on their statements, review WePay's details here
  • Chargebacks - A $15 non-refundable fee is charged, review WePay's chargeback details here

Set Up

Set up your WePay account on your invoices with the below steps:
  1. Ensure you have a country selected in your Basic Information settings first
  2. Select the Invoices section
  3. Then select the New Invoice button, or hover over an existing invoice and select the pencil icon to edit it
  4. Under Settings, select Accept Online Payments
  5. Then select the Other ways to get paid link
  6. Select Connect next to WePay
  7. Then select the Okay, Got It button
  8. Next, you can either:
    1. Complete the rest of your setup by verifying your business and adding a bank account with the steps here
    2. Or continue with making your invoices in your account and finish the setup at a later time.
When your Setup Progress is 100% complete, you’ve finished enabling WePay.
  • A WePay account is automatically provisioned for you under the email address used for your FreshBooks account - if the email address is incorrect, please reach out to our support team to update it
  • If you're based in Canada and would like to accept VISA debit cards, in your Online Payments Settings, slide the toggle green next to Accept VISA debit cards to allow clients to pay with this additional card type (automatically activated for US users)
Paying your own invoice with your own online payment information, also known as self-pay or test payments, is a violation of WePay's terms of services and may result in your WePay account being shut down.

Activate WePay on Invoices

Once your WePay account is connected, you can begin accepting payments with WePay using the below steps:
  1. When creating an invoice, under Settings, select the Accept Online Payments option
    View of an invoice with button to enable Online Payments in settings menu.
  2. Check off the box(es) next to Accept Credit Cards and/or Accept ACH Bank Transfer (available for US businesses and clients only). If both are checked off, your clients can pay by either credit card or bank transfer on this Invoice. If only one is checked off, your clients can only pay by the selected option
    Checkboxes next to Accept Credit Cards and Accept ACH Bank Transfers on invoice.
  3. If you want your clients to be able to pay the invoice partially (even with bank transfers or payment schedules activated as well), check off Allow Clients to make partial online payments for this Invoice
    Checkbox to enable partial payments.
  4. Select Done to finish applying the payment settings and continue editing the rest of your invoice.