How do I create invoices on Android?

Invoices allow you to bill a client for your items and/or services, and help you keep track of your income in FreshBooks. You can also view the history of the invoice, as well as communicate with your client on it.

Create Invoices

You can create invoices on Android along with any unbilled time on it, using these steps:
  1. Once logged into your account, tap on Invoices at the bottom
  2. Tap on the green + button in the bottom right corner
    New invoice button.
  3. Create your invoice as usual - review How do I create an Invoice? for more details on each section
    New invoice with fields to fill out.
  4. Tap on Add a Client and choose an existing client by typing to search or fill in the blank fields to make a new one
  5. Next, if needed, adjust the Date of Issue and Due Date
  6. Add a Reference field (purchase order number) if needed
  7. Tap on Add a Line to add your Items, if you have any unbilled time entries or expenses, they will appear at the top of your list of items
  8. If needed, tap on Add a DiscountRequest a Deposit or Add a Payment Schedule to further customize your invoice
  9. If needed, tap on Notes and/or Terms to share more information with your client
  10. If you want to accept online payments, review How do I accept online payments? to set up an option
  11. Under Settings near the bottom of the invoice, tap on any of the following:
    1. To send payment reminders, tap on Send Reminders and swipe the toggle to turn it on
      1. Add reminders as needed and tap on < Invoice in the top left to return to the invoice
    2. To charge late fees, tap on Charge Late Fees and swipe the toggle to turn it on
        1. Choose between a Percentage or Flat Amount
        2. Then tap on Add Taxes if needed
        3. Next, determine when to apply in Days After Due Date
        4. Then tap on < Invoice in the top left to return to the invoice
    3. If needed, tap on Currency and Language to change either, and tap on Done in the top corner to return to the invoice
  12. When you're done making your invoice, if needed, tap on Preview in the top right corner to view what the invoice will look like on your client's end
    Invoice in preview mode.
  13. Then tap on Next and choose how to save the invoice:
    List of options on how to send the Invoice.

    1. Tap on Send via Email to email it to your primary client, with the option to add more email addresses, include a personal message, and attach a PDF copy of the invoice
    2. Tap on Share Invoice to copy a link to the invoice
    3. Tap on Create a QR Code to generate a QR code for your client to scan in person
    4. Tap on Save as Draft and Close to return to viewing the invoice
  14. While viewing the invoice, tap on the three dots (...) to access the list of options including sending or sharing the invoice, or tap on the Arrow symbol in the top left corner to return to the Invoices page.

Manage Invoices

In the Invoices section, you can review your list of invoices. To sort them, tap on the up and down arrows to sort in ascending or descending order, or tap on the Sorted By bar above the list of invoices and select either: 
  • Client
  • Invoice number
  • Status
  • Amount
  • Date of issue
  • Last updated
Tap on any Invoice to access additional options: 
  • Send - Tap on the paper plane icon to send the invoice by email, or to resend it again
  • Edit - Tap on the pencil iconto edit the invoice
  • More (...)
    • Add a Payment - Mark this invoice as paid with the steps in How do I add, edit or delete a payment? here
    • Share Link - Send a link to the invoice through any app on your phone
    • Share as PDF - Send the invoice as a PDF through any app on your phone
    • Duplicate - Copy your existing invoice into a brand new invoice
    • Archive - Move this invoice to the Archived section
    • Delete - Move this invoice to the Deleted section
  • Comments & History - Tap on the chat bubbles iconto view the history of the invoice, including comments, and to send a comment of your own to the client
    Banner that you can click to show history of an invoice.