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      How Do I Export My Data?

      If you need to back up your data offline, or export it out for other uses, use the below steps depending on what you need exported: 



      A list of both active and archived Clients can be exported with the steps here.

      Expense Receipts

      Download all Expense Receipts you've uploaded for any time period with the steps here. If needed, you can also run an  Expense Report and export with the steps here.


      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals


      Estimates & Proposals

      • To download as PDF, for Estimates here and Proposals here
      • To download as a CSV file, please email us with the date range and we'll email the file to you


      Every Report in your account is available to download as a CSV file, or as a PDF file via the Print options. You can refer to the steps outlined here.



      A list of your Vendors can be exported with the steps at the bottom here.


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