How Do I Manage My Emails & Templates?

Emails & Templates allow you to customize the Subject and Body in the emails sent to your Clients, as well as a custom Email Signature to deliver a great client experience. You can also preview any email before it's sent out while creating an Invoice, Estimate or Proposal, and you can manage your email notifications sent to you based on certain activity in your account. 

Emails & Templates and Dynamic Fields are available for specific users and for Premium and Select plans only.
Access your Emails & Templates with these steps: 
  1. Click on the gear icon
  2. Then click on Emails & Templates

Reply-To Email Address

The Reply-To Email Address is used on all emails FreshBooks sends to your Clients on your behalf, so any replies go back to this email used. For more information about our mail delivery systems, click here.
Click on Change reply-to email and choose between:
  • Reply emails are sent to the sender (you or a team member) who emailed the client - Whoever created the Invoice, Estimate or Proposal will be the one to receive any email updates and replies on them
    • If the Team Member is deleted, email replies go to the Owner instead
  • Reply emails are sent to a specific email - All replies go to a specific email, regardless of who created the Invoice, Estimate or Proposal

Email Templates

Customize the emails to your Clients by editing the Subject and Body as well as using Dynamic Fields (also known as dynamic variables and placeholder text) to auto-populate specific details. These templates are available to be edited, and once saved, only apply to newly created entities moving forward:

Email templates with links to edit each email type.
  • New Invoice - When a new Invoice is sent
  • New Recurring Invoice - When a generated invoice from a new Recurring Template is sent
  • Online Payment Notification - When an online payment has been processed on an Invoice
  • Automatic Recurring Payment Notification - When an Invoice has been automatically paid upon being generated by the Recurring Template (this is sent to the Primary Client only)
  • Advanced Payment Notification - When you've charged the Client's credit card on an Invoice (with Advanced Payments add-on only)
  • New Estimate - When a new Estimate is sent
  • New Proposal - When a new Proposal is sent
  • Payment Reminder - When an Invoice becomes Outstanding or Overdue (to adjust for a specific Client or Invoice, use the steps here instead)
To edit your Email Templates, use these steps:
  1. Click on the gear icon
  2. Then click on Emails & Templates
  3. Customize the Subject and Body as needed, and click on the lightning bolt icon to add Dynamic Fields as needed (or type :: for a shortcut of all available Dynamic Fields)
    New invoice email template with subject and body to be customized.
  4. To see what the new template will look like, click on the Preview toggle to turn it on
  5. When you’re done, click Save to finish. This will apply to newly created entities moving forward.

Note: The Subject Line has a limit of 100 characters and the Email Body has a limit of 4096 characters.

These Dynamic Fields are available for you to add on specific Email Templates:
  • Amount Outstanding
  • Before/After Due Date
  • Client Company Name
  • Client First Name
  • Invoice/Estimate/Proposal Amount - Updates to Amount Outstanding on a partially-paid Invoice instead
  • Invoice Due Date
  • Invoice/Estimate/Proposal Number
  • Payment Amount
  • Payment Date

Email Signature

Create your own email signature that will go at the bottom of every email sent to your Clients by FreshBooks on your behalf:
  1. Click on the gear icon
  2. Then click on Emails & Templates
  3. Under Email Signature, enter your custom email signature
    Email signature field.
  4. Click Save to finish.

Remove FreshBooks Branding

Remove FreshBooks Branding is available for certain users and Select plans only.
Click to slide the toggle on to remove the FreshBooks branding from the bottom of all emails sent from FreshBooks to your Clients.
Email with FreshBooks branding on bottom.

With Branding

Email with no FreshBooks branding on bottom.

Without Branding