What Are Vendors?

As you track your Bills (part of Accounts Payable), you can add, manage and delete your Vendors as your business’ relationships with other Vendors grow. A Vendor will work with your business to provide goods or services with a Bill to be paid at a later date. If you’ve already paid for an item or service in full, this would be an Expense instead.
Bills and Vendors make up Accounts Payable, where you can use the Vendor profile as a way to quickly access all Bills from each Vendor in one central place.
Bills & Vendors are part of Accounts Payable which is available on trials as well as Premium and Select plans only.

Create Vendors

To create Vendors, use either of the below steps, or if you have a lot of Vendors, use the Import option instead:
  1. On the Dashboard, click on the Create New... button, then select Vendor
  2. Or go to the Expenses section
    1. Then click on the Vendors sub-section underneath
    2. Click on the New Vendor button
You’ll be taken to the new Vendor screen. From here you can fill out your Vendor’s profile using these steps:
New vendor screen with fields to fill out.
  1. The First Name and Last Name or Company name is required, enter the name in either of these fields
  2. If needed, fill out these optional fields:
    1. In the Account Number field, enter your account details with the Vendor
    2. Add an email in the Email Address field
    3. Enter the link or URL in the Website field
    4. Include a number in the Phone Number field
    5. Click on Add Address and choose a Country, then enter in the StreetCityState, Zip Code
  3. Next, in the Vendor Settings, you can specify:
    1. Click on Currency & Language to change the default Currency and Language for this Vendor
    2. Click on Sales Tax Type to specify if you pay Sales Tax to this Vendor, and Add Sales Tax using these steps
  4. Click Save to finish your Vendor’s profile.

Vendor Profile

Any Vendor’s profile can be viewed by going to the Expenses section, then clicking on the Vendors sub-section underneath, and clicking on a Vendor. On the Vendor’s Profile, you’ll find the below information:
Vendor profile with information about vendor.
  • Settings - This can be accessed with the slider icon next to the name, with these options:
  • Currency & Language - Change the currency and language on new Bills for this Vendor
  • Sales Tax Type - Add or remove Sales Tax that this Vendor charges on their Bills
  • More Actions - Click on this to quickly Edit Vendor, Archive or Delete the Vendor
  • New Bill - Click on this button to quickly create a Bill for this Vendor specifically
  • Vendor Card - Lists information for the Vendor
  • Total Outstanding - This graph shows both overdue Bills (in red) that have missed the Due Date, and outstanding Bills (in yellow) that have not reached the Due Date yet. Hover over the bar to see the amounts and Invoices
Under the Bills tab, you’ll find a list of all active Bills associated with this Vendor. Archived and deleted bills can be found in the Bills section instead.


I tried to create a new Vendor but an error says the name is taken?
A Vendor's company name must be unique. If the name is taken, the Vendor already exists elsewhere in your Archived Vendors section, or in the deleted section. You can use the steps here to access the section and either edit the name to free up the original one, or restore the Vendor if it’s been deleted.
How do I manage my Vendors?
From the Vendors section, you can click on More Actions and select either:
  • Import Vendors - See steps here to upload a CSV of your Vendors
  • Export Vendors - Your Vendors, address and details will be downloaded into a CSV file
From the Vendors section, hover over any Vendor to quickly perform any of these actions: 

Quick actions bar with four buttons over a Vendor row.
  • Edit - Click on the pencil icon and you’ll be taken to the edit screen of the Vendor's profile where you can adjust and save afterwards
  • Create Bill - Click on the paper icon to create a Bill for the Vendor
  • Archive - Click on the box icon to move the Vendor to your Archived Vendors list
  • Delete - Click on the trash can icon to delete the Vendor. All associated Bills for that Vendor will remain and you can view all deleted Vendors by clicking on the deleted link at the bottom of the list
What happens to my Vendors that I created during my trial or before I downgraded?
If you've created Vendors while on trial or downgraded to a plan that doesn't have Accounts Payable (Bills & Vendors), you'll still be able to view and edit only your existing Vendors.