What are services?

Services (also known as tasks) are used when tracking time, so you can bill an hourly or flat rate for the work you're doing. Different services can be used while tracking time so your clients know exactly what you're billing them for. You can also view where your time is going so you can estimate and bill for projects more accurately. Services can be assigned an income account to track your revenue by specific income categories in your reports.
Assigning an Income account for an item or service is part of Accounting and is only available on Plus, Premium and Select plans.
For details on how income categories behave in your Chart of Accounts, including how to edit, archive and unarchive them, review parent accounts and sub accounts on the CoA here.
If you’re looking to manage your items for goods or products, review What are items? instead.

New Service

To create a new service, use these steps:
  1. Select the Items and Services section
  2. Then select the Create New... button
  3. Next, select Service
    New service form with fields to fill out.
  4. Enter a Name for your service
  5. Include a Description if you’d like
  6. If using Accounting, for Income Account, choose between Revenue, Billed Expenses, Discounts, Sales, Uncategorized Income, or any custom Income accounts
    1. If Advanced Accounting is activated, select the Add New Account button to create a new Income account instead
      Add New Account button while creating a new service.
    2. Choose between Parent Account or Sub Account
      Add new account with fields to fill out.
    3. If Sub Account is chosen, in the Group Under Parent Account dropdown, select the Parent Account you want this new sub account to be organized under
    4. Next, enter an Account Name
    5. Then enter the unique Account Number, which is automatically populated for you but can be overwritten
    6. If needed, add in details in the Description field
    7. Select Save to create the new account
  7. Next, add a Rate, if your project uses service rates, this will be pulled onto the invoice instead
  8. Select Add Taxes to include up to two taxes every time it’s invoiced
  9. Check off the box next to Billable if you want to bill for it on future invoices
  10. Check the box off next to Automatically add this service to all new projects to make it a default service
  11. Select the Save button. Your newly created service will now be visible in the Projects and Time Tracking sections to track time towards.

New services can also be created from these other places:
If you’d like to add sales taxes and a service rate afterwards, you can go to the Items and Services section and edit your service there to include these.

Manage Services

To make changes to a service, use these steps:
  1. Select the Items and Services section
  2. Then select the Services sub-tab
  3. Next, select the service you’d like to edit, and a pop-up will appear
  4. Make any changes as needed and select the Save button to finish.

To delete a service, use the steps in How does archive or delete work? here.
From the Services sub-tab, you can also update several services at once. Check off as many boxes next to any service as needed, and select the Bulk Actions button. From there you can select any of the below:
Bulk Actions button above service with checked off box next to it.
  • Set as Billable / Set as Non-Billable - Ensures any time logged under this service can be generated onto an invoice or manually marked as billed, or automatically marked as non-billable
  • Always Add to New Projects - Ensures these services are always added by default when making a new project
  • Change Income Account - This will apply to new line items moving forward
  • Archive - Move several services into your archived services list to keep your active list clean
  • Delete - Move several services into your deleted services list


I tried to create a new service, but an error says the name is taken?
Service names must be unique. If the name is taken, the service name already exists elsewhere in your Archived Items and Services section, or in the deleted section. You can use the steps in How does archive or delete work? here to access the section and either edit the name to free up the original one, or restore the service if it’s been deleted.