Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my Dashboard?

The dashboard in your account gives you a quick snapshot of your business' finances so you can see your outstanding invoices, profit, and where your spending is going. The dashboard also allows you to access your Reports so you can take a deeper look at your finances.


Outstanding Revenue

This invoices dashboard shows you which Invoices are:

  • Overdue (has passed the Due Date of an Invoice)
  • Outstanding (unpaid and not yet passed the Due Date of an Invoice)

Together, these produce the Total Outstanding amount.

You can hover over each section of the graph which will show you specific Invoices populating that amount. Click on the View Invoices link if you'd like to be taken to the list of Invoices populating this total.

If you invoice in multiple currencies, you can switch by clicking on the currency button next to the Outstanding Revenue title:

Outstanding revenue graph with box to change currency.


Total Profit

This graph shows you a visual picture of your profit and expenses over a period so you can get a sense of how healthy your business is. Payments you've received from an Invoice are recorded as income (green), and Expenses you've spent are recorded as loss (red) with the Total Profit in the corner.

This graph is run in Collected format, meaning it looks at the date payments were received for any Invoice. 

Hover over any point to see which Invoices or Expenses were recorded for that month/quarter. 

You can customize this view by clicking on the button next to Total Profit (e.g., for 2017 (CAD)). You're able to change the date range, whether you want it grouped by month or quarter, and the currency if you're billing in multiple currencies.

Total Profit graph with settings to change date and currency.



This shows you a pie chart of where your money is going in Expenses in each parent category (from the Expenses section of your account).

You can customize your Spending view by clicking on the button next to Spending (e.g., for 2017 (CAD)). You're able to change the date range and toggle between currencies. Spending chart with filters to change date range and currency.


Advanced Reports

To access your reports, click on any one of the types of reports to begin. We've covered steps and details for running each report here.Icons for each advanced report.