Frequently Asked Questions

How do I accept Credit Card payments with FreshBooks?

Accepting credit cards with FreshBooks is fast, safe and easy.

If you'd like to receive payments online by credit card, you can connect your FreshBooks account to one of our payment gateway options, FreshBooks Payments.

Looking for Authorize.Net, Braintree or PayPal? These gateways are currently not supported in FreshBooks.

With FreshBooks Payments, your Clients will have the ability to pay their Invoices with a credit card, and you can sit back and watch the money get added to your bank account automatically. FreshBooks Payments is powered by WePay.

This set up should take less than 10 minutes and will require you to provide some company information and connect your bank account. 

What are the benefits of FreshBooks Payments? 

  • Get paid in 2-5 business days
  • No monthly or hidden fees - 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (3.5% + $0.30 for AMEX), learn more here
  • Accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover credit cards 

There are two ways to connect your FreshBooks account to FreshBooks Payments: 


From Accept Credit Cards

  1. Click on your company name/initials in the top left
  2. Click on Accept Credit Cards


  3. Click on Start Accepting Credit Cards under FreshBooks Payments
  4. A verification email will send to your email address to complete the rest of the setup
  5. You'll also want to follow the steps in the From Inside An Invoice section below to enable it on an Invoice as well.

From Inside An Invoice

  1. When creating an Invoice, click on the Accept Credit Cards option in the Settings panel to the right of the invoice


  2. Check off the box next to Let clients pay with a credit card right on your invoice
  3. FreshBooks Payments should now appear. Click on Accept Credit Cards to finish the credit card payment set up. 


    To see what your client will experience, click here.

Connect a Bank Account

Once you've enabled online payments in your account, you'll need to finalize the setup of your payment account. You'll receive an email which will walk you through the setup process - providing a little company info, and connecting your bank account (this is the account your money will be sent to).