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      Can I copy/duplicate Invoices?

      Duplicating an Invoice is helpful if you're invoicing the same details for other Clients. This creates an exact copy of your Invoice with a new Invoice Number which you can then edit and change as needed. Follow the below steps: 

      1. Click on the Invoices section
      2. Find the Invoice you want to duplicate from the list, and check the box next to it
      3. Click on the Bulk Actions button above the list
      4. Then click on Duplicate
        Duplicate button for invoice from list.
      5. Continue editing your New Invoice as needed with the same information that's been duplicated, including changing the Client if needed
      6. If your previous Invoice had any Expenses rebilled (with or without file attachments included), these line items will need to be deleted as the Expenses have already been billed
      7. When you're done, click Save or Send To... to finish.

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