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      Can I copy/duplicate Invoices?

      If you're sending your Clients Invoices which are the same or similar to Invoices you've previously created, you may just want to duplicate an Invoice to save time. This way, there is no need to recreate the entire Invoice, including the Invoice Style and Items again! To do this, follow these steps:

      1. Click on the Invoices section
      2. Find the Invoice you want to duplicate from the list, and check the box next to it
      3. Click on the Bulk Actions button above the list
      4. Then click on Duplicate.
        Duplicate button for invoice from list.

      You'll then be taken to the New Invoice screen, and the Invoice you'll be editing will contain exactly the same information (like the Invoice Style and Items) as the Invoice you chose to duplicate. You can then change the Client, or any of the Invoice information before sending.

      As this is a new Invoice, it will also have a brand new Invoice Number.

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