Changes and updates in 2024

FreshBooks is constantly being updated and improved to make running your business even easier so you have more time to focus on what you love. Release notes, also known as a changelog, are below for all of the new features and improvements that have been added in 2024.
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Last updated: June 19, 2024

Coming Soon

View some upcoming improvements coming out this year, as well as current features and improvements that may be available to some users for now:
CategoryComing SoonDetails
Account2FA Login In Beta: Two-factor authentication is being added to FreshBooks logins.
In Beta - This feature is being tested on some accounts before it will be available to everyone else.
Upcoming - This feature is not available in any accounts but will be in the near future.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
AccountEmail Change NotificationUpdating the email or password for your FreshBooks account now requires re-entering your current password. When the email is updated, an email change notification is sent to the original email address.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Accountant HubTrial Countdown and Onboarding Checklist for ClientsAccountant Hub users can now find the number of days left on their clients' trial of FreshBooks as well as reference an onboarding checklist when setting up new clients.
FreshBooks PayrollAutomated Journal Entries for PayrollWhen running payroll, journal entries are automatically written to your Chart of Accounts.
FreshBooks PayrollDuplicate Expense CheckerAny connected bank accounts via bank connections or bank rec also used for payroll runs will not import expenses automatically to avoid duplicate expenses.
ReportsAudit LogTrack all changes made to your invoices with the new Audit Log report.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Client AccountsInvoices Advanced SearchClient accounts can now use advanced search to narrow down specific invoices they've received from other businesses. 
Invoices, Estimates, Proposals, and Client AccountsBulk Download PDFs for Received Invoices, Estimates, and ProposalsBusinesses and client accounts can now download multiple received invoices, estimates, and proposals as PDFs using bulk actions.
Invoices and EstimatesTimestamps Added to HistoryThe invoice history, estimate history, and proposal history now includes timestamps for each event.
Accountant HubFilter Clients by StatusAccountant Hub users can now quickly filter their list of clients by status.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
DashboardDashboard ImprovementsYou can now hide dashboard graphs and customize the order of your dashboard graphs, including the newly added Revenue and Expenses graph.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
AccountingWelcome Video for Accountant Hub UsersAccountant Hub users now have the option to view a welcome video walking through key features in the Accountant Hub.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
PayrollFreshBooks Payroll powered by Gusto
Businesses in the US can sign up for FreshBooks Payroll and payroll for employees, file payroll taxes, and maintain labor compliance.
AccountingJournal Entries Section
See all manually created journal entries in a dedicated Journal Entries section.
SettingsFreshBooks in English (United Kingdom)
In your account settings, you can now choose to use your FreshBooks account in English (United Kingdom) which will automatically rename Estimates to Quotes instead.