How do I manage my invoices?

Once invoices are created, you can manage and update them by adding payments, resending, printing or copying invoices and more. These can be done with individual actions, quick actions or bulk actions on several invoices at once.

Individual Actions

While viewing any invoice, select the More Actions button to do any of the following:
More actions button above an invoice.
  • Add a Payment - Add a payment to mark this invoice as paid
  • Send by Email - Send or resend an invoice to your client and any additional secondary contacts by email
  • Share via Link - Create a link to share the invoice outside of email
  • Mark as Sent - Mark a draft invoice as sent which allows the invoice to be properly recorded in your reports
  • Duplicate - Copy the existing invoice and modify the new invoice as needed
  • Print - Print the invoice for physical use
  • Download PDF - Download the invoice as a PDF file
    • To download attachments on a specific invoice, open the invoice and select the Download link under the Attachments section instead
  • Archive - Move the invoice into your archived invoices list to keep your active list clean
  • Delete - Move the invoice into your deleted invoices list, deleted invoices can be viewed anytime by selecting the deleted link at the bottom of your list of invoices

From the Invoices section, hover over any invoice to quickly perform any of these actions:
Quick actions with four buttons above an invoice row.
  • Edit - Select the pencil icon and you’ll be taken to the edit view of the invoice where you can adjust and save afterwards
  • Duplicate - Select the two papers icon to copy the existing invoice and modify the new invoice
  • Add a Payment - Select the coin icon to add a payment to the invoice
  • More Actions - Select the three dots icon to access additional options like:
    • Print
    • Send by Email
    • Mark as Sent
    • Download PDF
    • Archive
    • Delete
    • Share via Link

Bulk Actions

From the Invoices section, you can also update several invoices at once. Check off as many boxes next to any invoice as needed, and select the Bulk Actions button. From there you can select any of the below:
Bulk actions button above list of invoices with one invoice checked off.
  • Edit - Check off the box next to one invoice to edit it
  • Duplicate - Check off the box next to one invoice to duplicate it and modify the new invoiced
  • Print - Print up to 50 invoices
  • Send by Email - Send several invoices by email at once to only the primary client
  • Mark as Sent - Mark up to 150 draft inoices as sent at once
  • Add a Payment - Mark up to 50 unpaid invoices as paid at once
  • Download PDF - Download several Invoices as individual PDF files
  • Assign to Project - Assign a single invoice that has no time entries/services on it to an existing project for accurate project profitability
  • Archive - Move several invoices into your archived invoices list to keep your active list clean
  • Delete - Move several invoices into your deleted invoices list

Mark as Bad Debt

Bad Debt is when you’ve done work and created an invoice for the client, but the outstanding amount cannot be recovered or collected. Marking an invoice as bad debt allows you to write off or void the invoice so that it’s no longer outstanding, and to stop it from triggering any payment reminders or a late fee.
Mark an invoice as bad debt with the below steps:
  1. Select the Invoices section
  2. Hover over the invoice you want to edit and select the pencil icon
  3. Select the Add a Line button to add a new line to your invoice
  4. In the Enter an Item Name field, enter Bad Debt (or similar), and if needed, include more details in the Item Description field
  5. Under the Rate column, enter the unpaid amount as a negative value
  6. The Amount Due should now be zero, select Save
    Invoice with zero balance including a bad debt line item.
  7. Then select to view the invoice again, select More Actions and then select Add a Payment
  8. Leave the Amount field as 0.00, choose any Payment Method and add any Payment Notes if needed
  9. Select Add a Payment to finish. This ensures the invoice is no longer outstanding or overdue.
Notes on Sales Taxes for Bad Debt:
If sales taxes are also on the invoice, determine whether sales taxes have been applied to all or some items:
  • Sales Taxes on All Line Items - Ensure your bad debt line item includes the same sales taxes by selecting Add Taxes under its rate
    Two line items, one which is bad debt, on invoice with sales tax included.
  • Sales Taxes on Some Line Items - Split your bad debt line item into two separate bad debt line items - one that is the total of all line items with no sales tax, and the other is the total of all line items with sales tax applied, and select Add Taxes to also apply sales taxes to it
    Four line items, two of which are bad debt, and only one bad debt item has sales tax included.