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      How do I get started in FreshBooks?

      Welcome to FreshBooks! If you're currently running a business or just getting started while pursuing your passion, we're here to help you make accounting painless and easy.

      Here's a quick guide to help you sign up, as well as get up and running in FreshBooks. Feel free to jump to the relevant section, or scroll through:


      Sign up for an Account

      When you sign up for FreshBooks, you'll be put on a 30 day trial so you can try out all of our features. To sign up, use the below steps: 

      With FreshBooks

      1. Go to the signup page here
      2. Enter in an Email
      3. Next, add a Password (minimum of 8 characters or more)
      4. Click on Get Started and you'll be asked a few questions about your business before you can start exploring your account. 

      With Google Sign In

      1. Go to the signup page here
      2. Click on the Sign up with Google button
      3. Enter in your Google email and click on Next
      4. Enter in your Google password, then select Next
      5. You’ll be taken to your FreshBooks account to finish setting up.

      Watch Our Webinars

      Webinars are run regularly, moderated by our expert support specialists and includes live chat throughout the entire 1 hour session. Learn best practices that will save you time and help you get paid faster. Find out how to:

      • Set up and brand your FreshBooks account to look professional
      • Create Clients and Invoice them in minutes
      • Accept Credit Card Payments to get paid even faster

      Sign Up Here:

      Or if you can't make the live webinar session, you can always watch our most recent recorded version here.

      Watch a Reports-specific webinar that covers some of our common reports and how to use them here.


      Make Your First Invoice

      If you're ready to bill your Clients, you can start making your Invoice with plenty of options to create and customize. You can begin with the steps here.

      Accept Credit Cards

      You can get paid faster by accepting online payments with credit cards. In FreshBooks, you have two options to choose from - FreshBooks Payments or Stripe. Click here for all the details.


      Track Time

      Ready to log some hours you've worked? You can track your time right away with the steps here.


      30 Day Trial & Pricing

      While you’re on your trial, you can view our pricing anytime with these steps below, or at our pricing page here:

      1. Click on your picture/initials in the top left corner
      2. Click on Billing & Upgrade

      From here, you'll be presented with our plans and the features available on each.

      You can upgrade anytime during your trial with these steps above - just enter your credit card details and save.

      We won’t charge you or move you to the new plan until after your trial ends 30 days later. This allows you to get all 30 days for free and continue uninterrupted after your trial ends.

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