Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an Invoice?

Invoices allow you to bill a Client for your products and/or services, and help you keep track of your income in FreshBooks. 

Creating an Invoice in FreshBooks is easy: 

If you're on your Dashboard

  1. Click on the Create New button
  2. Then select Invoice. This will take you to the New Invoice screen.

Alternatively, you can click on the Invoices section, then the New Invoice button in the top right. You'll be taken to the New Invoice screen: 


Each section of the Invoice is broken down into detail below:


Accept Credit Cards

You can read more about accepting credit cards in this article.

Customize Invoice Style

  • Template - You can choose between Simple or Modern, for the option of having a logo in a corner, or a wide banner across the top of your Invoice.
  • Theme Colour - This will change the colour of your headings (e.g., Description, Rate, Invoice Number). It will also change the banner colour at the top of your Invoice on the Modern template.
  • Font - You can choose between Helvetica (Modern) and Garamond (Classic). 
  • Make Recurring - You can read more about making your Invoice into a recurring invoice here.


Filling out your Invoice

  • Company Name, Email, Phone, Address - This is pre-populated by your Company Profile but you can also edit it here.
  • Logo - You can add a logo to make your Invoice look professional
  • Billed To - Hover your mouse over this area and click to add a Client. You can add a new Client or choose an existing one.
  • Date of Issue - Chances are this won't need to be changed, but if you need to change the issue date, you can do so here.
  • Due Date - Include the date your Invoice should be paid by.
  • Invoice Number - This can be changed to include both numbers or letters if necessary.
  • Add a summary, notes or bank transfer details (optional) - This area allows you to add any additional info to the Invoice.
  • Description, Rate, Qty, Line Total - This is what you're Invoicing for. Add the Items or Time you're billing your Client for here.
  • Terms - Include your payment terms so your Clients know when and how they can pay!

Once you've selected a Client on your Invoice, you'll see some additional settings appear:

  • Send Late Reminders - You're able to send up to three late payment reminders to your Clients, adding a personal message to each reminder if necessary.
  • Charge Late Fees - You can add late fees x-number of days after the Invoice Due Date. These can either be a percentage of the Invoice value, or a flat fee. 
  • Currency & Language - Here you're able to change the currency or language (either English or French) of the Invoice.

To add Tax to your line items, refer to this article

Once the Invoice looks the way you want it, you can either click on:

  • Save - if you're not quite finished working on it.
  • Send - An email preview comes up where you can easily change or add more email addresses and personalize the email for your Client. 

Once saved/sent, you'll be taken back to the Invoices section.