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      Changes & Updates in 2020

      In 2020, we've added more new features and improvements to FreshBooks so you can focus on running your business successfully. Release notes (also known as a changelog) are below for 2020.


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      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Invoices Clickable Links in Item Descriptions HTML links in the Item Description are automatically clickable.
      Clients Client Address Street 2 Line Client Addresses now have a Street 1 and Street 2 line to accommodate longer addresses.
      Team Members Client Access Client Access is available for Select plan users to choose which Clients you want your Managers and Employees to have access to.
      Accounting 🎉  Accounts Payable Track your Accounts Payable with Bills and Vendors and Bill Payment Reconciliation.
      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals Remember Preferred Contacts When sending Invoices, Estimates or Proposals, contacts are remembered and selected for you based off the last selection on any recently sent Invoice/Estimate/Proposal.
      Reports 🎉  Cash Flow Report Track how much cash you have on hand with the new Cash Flow Report.
      Clients Recurring Templates Tab See all active Recurring Templates for your Clients inside the Client Profile.
      Mobile Accept Bank Transfers (ACH) on iOS When creating Invoices, you can now accept ACH payments along with credit card payments on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
      Projects, Time Tracking & Expenses 🎉  Project Profitability Track your Projects' performance to see how profitable they are with Team Costs, Time Entries and Expenses associated to the Project.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Payments & Invoices Manual Payment Notifications to Clients When adding a Payment to an Invoice, you can choose whether you'd like to also send an email notification to your Client.
      My Team, Projects & Time Tracking Project Manager Assign a Team Member to be Project Manager on a specific Project so they can generate Invoices and manage time for that Project.
      Clients Mobile & Business Phone Number Two additional Phone Number fields have been added to Client Profiles so you can easily keep track of multiple phone numbers for your Clients.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Invoices & Proposals Attachments Included in PDF Download Downloading an Invoice or Proposal as a PDF will now include all file attachments in the PDF.
      Invoices Search for Deleted Invoices You can now search for deleted Invoices with the new search bar.
      Clients Search for Deleted Clients You can now search for deleted Clients with the new search bar.
      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals 🎉  Croatian Language You can now select Croatian as an option for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.
      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals Search for Deleted Content You can now search for deleted Recurring Templates, Estimates and Proposals with the new search bar.
      Payments PayPal on Checkout Links PayPal can now be used as a payment option for Checkout Links.
      Invoices Attachments Share key files with your Clients by uploading them as Attachments on your Invoices.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Invoices & Items & Services Inventory Track your stock with the Track Inventory checkbox in any Item.
      Clients Per Page List View View up to 150 Clients per page now.
      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals Send To Button The Send... button is now the Send To button to reflect choosing contacts first before sending your Invoice, Estimate or Proposal.
      Payments Refunds You can now process refunds for FreshBooks Payments (WePay) and Stripe payments from within your account.
      Invoices Per Page List View View up to 150 Invoices per page now.
      Payments 🎉  PayPal Accept PayPal and debit/credit card payments through PayPal from your Clients.
      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals Link Between Estimates/Proposals & Invoices Invoices now display the link to the original Estimate or Proposal it was converted from in the history bar at the top of the Invoice.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Invoices & Payments 🎉  BACS Direct Debit Businesses in the UK can now accept online payments through BACS Direct Debit.
      Time Tracking Monthly View Along with daily and weekly view, you can now track your time in the monthly view sub-tab.
      Invoices Include Unbilled Expenses on Invoices & Recurring Templates When generating an invoice, you can quickly add unbilled expenses along with unbilled time, and also add future unbilled expenses to your Recurring Template.
      Invoices & Payments Automatically Apply Credits to Recurring Templates You can now automatically apply any existing credit to all Recurring Templates with a toggle in your Payments Settings.
      Clients Secondary Contacts Tab & Send... Experience Secondary Contacts can now be easily managed from the Contacts tab inside a Client's Profile. Choose which contacts to send your Invoice, Estimate or Proposal to with the new list.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Payments 🎉  Checkout Links Accept payment without needing to make an Invoice through Checkout Links that can be shared online. 
      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals 🎉  Russian Language You can now select Russian as an option for Invoices, Estimates and Proposals.
      Invoices Outstanding Banner Clients will now see the total Outstanding balance of with a link to all their unpaid Invoices at the top while viewing any Invoice or inside their Client Account. 
      Time Tracking Enhanced Timer Launch your Timer easily, and any time entry you've logged can now be restarted with the Timer, picking up where you left off.
      Reports Profit & Loss Drill Down Click on totals in your Profit & Loss Report to drill down and see the specific Invoices, Payments, Other Income and Expenses that make up your totals.
      Mobile 🎉  Mileage Tracking on iOS App Track your mileage on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
      Invoices & Payments Credit Notes Along with Prepayment and Overpayment Credits, you can now use Credit Notes to offer items or services at a future date without receiving payment.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Settings & Reports 🎉  Fiscal Year End Choose your Fiscal Year End for your Reports to automatically filter by. If not set to the default of Dec 31, your Reports will also display extra date range options.
      Payments & Invoices 🎉  Recurring Payments with Bank Transfer Automatically charge your Clients on Recurring Templates with another new option now - Bank Transfers.
      Reports Select Multiple Team Members on Time Entry Details Report Select one or multiple Team Members when filtering on the Time Entry Details Report.
      Reports Billable Amount on Time Entry Details Report See how much your time tracked is worth with the Amount column added on the Time Entry Details Report.
      Invoices & Payments Prepayment Credits Create Prepayment Credits to collect payment ahead of time as well as Overpayment Credits from your Clients.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      My Team & Apps & Integrations Admin Access to Apps & Integrations Admins can now add and manage their own Apps & Integrations.
      Payments 🎉  Partial Payments Clients can now pay Invoices partially, even with Payment Schedules and/or Deposits enabled with WePay or Stripe.
      Projects See Associated Invoices in a Project All Invoices that contain time entries associated to a specific Project will will now be listed inside the specific Project's Review tab.
      Projects & Expenses Assign Expenses to Projects & See Assigned Expenses in a Project Expenses can now be assigned to a Client or a Client's Project, as well as listed inside the specific Project's Review tab.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Reports Redesigned Report Filters Filters for Reports have been moved to the right side of the Report under Settings for easier access and improved visibility.
      Accounting, Reports & Expenses Expense Refunds on Expense Report Transactions marked as Expense Refunds in Bank Rec will also appear in your Expense Report and your Profit & Loss Report.
      Expenses 🎉  Manage Duplicate Expenses Manage your duplicate expenses by clicking on a banner above your list of expenses or the Potential duplicate link inside any expense.
      Estimates & Proposals Estimates & Proposal List View Proposal links are now added to your list of Estimates & Proposals for easy differentiation.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Expenses & Invoices 🎉  Convert Received Invoices into Expenses Invoices you've Received in your To Me section can now be converted into Expenses.
      Expenses Sort after Search Sort your Expense search results by Date, Amount and Status as needed.
      Payments 🎉  Payments Section See all of your online and offline (manual) payments in one place with the Payments section, under Invoices in the navigation.
      Projects & Items & Services Service Management Mark Services as defaults for all new Projects and easily add or delete Services on Projects.
      Payments 🎉  Save Bank Account on File Clients can now save their Bank Transfer (ACH) details to their Client accounts, making it faster to pay Invoices.
      Bank Connections & Expenses 🎉  Bank Import Notifications If your Bank Connections have been disrupted, notifications will display in your Notifications, Dashboard and in your Expenses.
      Reports Links on Accounts Aging Report When running the Accounts Aging Report in present day (not in the past or future), click on any blue link to see the Invoices that represent the amounts on the Reports.
      Emails & Invoices Customizable Email for Invoices You can customize the Subject and Body of your emails for Invoices.
      Expenses Advanced Search for Expenses Now you can use advanced search to narrow down your search with specific filters like category, merchant, bank account and more.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Invoices Advanced Search for Invoices Now you can use advanced search to narrow down your search with specific filters like invoice status, keyword search and currency to name a few.
      Projects Updated Project List View Your list of Projects now displays more useful insights at a glance, with new column headers including Unbilled Hours and Unbilled Amount, and Last Invoiced.
      Invoices Calendar Picker for Due Date Custom Due Dates now give you the option to pick the date from the calendar instead of typing in the number of days.
      Invoices Sort after Search Sort your Invoice search results by Client, Invoice Number, Issue Date, Due Date, Amount and Status as needed.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Time Tracking Timer Rounding All time tracked with the Timer will now round down if under 30 seconds, or round up if over 30 seconds, to the nearest minute.
      Expenses Improved Search on Expenses Searching for your Expenses have been improved to return more accurate results.
      Payments ACH-Only Option US Businesses can now choose to Accept only ACH payments on Invoices on both Freshbooks Payments (WePay) and Stripe.
      Projects Improved Search on Projects Searching for your Projects have been improved to return more accurate results.
      Team Members Undelete Team Members Team Members can be undeleted from the My Team page.
      Payments Advanced Payments for Stripe Advanced Payments can now be purchased for Stripe users.
      Expenses Improved Search on Recurring Expenses Searching for your Recurring Expenses have been improved to return more accurate results. 
      Time Tracking Time Tracking Search Searching for your time entries in the Review section have been improved to return more accurate results.

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