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      Changes & Updates in 2022

      FreshBooks is constantly being updated and improved to make running your business even easier so you have more time to focus on what you love. Release notes (also known as a changelog) are below for all of the new features and improvements that have been added in 2022.


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      Last Updated: Sept 19, 2022

      Coming Soon

      See some upcoming improvements coming out this year, as well as current features and improvements that may be available to some users for now:

      Category Coming Soon Details
      Accounting, Reports & Expenses Advanced Accounting, customization on Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry Report & Improved Expense Categorization

      In Beta: Owners can access Advanced Accounting features to add Journal Entries and customize the Chart of Accounts and Expense Categories. Reports, including the new Journal Entry Report, will show the added granularity of customized accounts.

      Interested in trying this? Join the priority waitlist here.

      *In Beta - This feature is being tested on some accounts before it will be available to everyone else.
      *Upcoming - This feature is not available in any accounts but will be in the near future.


      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Accounting, Reports & Expenses Import Transactions from a file for Bank Rec Import transactions in bulk with a CSV file for Bank Reconciliation.
      Accessibility, Navigation & Settings Improved Account and Business Sub-Tabs  The sub-tabs in Settings have been renamed from My Account to Account, and from My Company to Business, along with improved layout on both sections.
      Mobile Import Phone Contacts as Clients  When adding a new Client, you can choose to import from your list of Contacts on your phone on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Integrations & Reports Manual Adjustments on Making Tax Digital (MTD) Submissions Manual Adjustments can be made on your VAT Return before submitting it in your MTD Portal.
      Settings Time Zones Time Zones can be set in My Company for business-wide activity and in My Account for owners and all roles for all time entries.
      Mobile Manual Mileage Tracking for iOS Manually add trips to your Mileage Tracking on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
      Mobile Manual Mileage Tracking for Android Manually add trips to your Mileage Tracking on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Settings Display Credits in Billing and Upgrade Any applied offers or credits on your FreshBooks subscription is now visible in your Bill Summary in Billing and Upgrade.
      Settings Additional Date Formats Two additional date formats in My Company ( and yyyy/mm/dd) have been added.
      Time Tracking Improved Search while Logging Time Entries While tracking time on the monthly view, selecting Projects and Clients from long lists is now faster.
      Accounting Manual Transactions in Bank Rec Add, edit, delete and undelete Bank Rec transactions to make reconciling easier.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Accessibility & Navigation Improved Page Tabs Page Tabs have been updated for greater visibility and to support easier keyboard navigation and screen readers.
      Invoices & Payments Process a Refund on Invoice Refunds can now be done from within the Invoice itself.
      Payments Barclaycard Refunds You can now process refunds for Barclaycard Payments.
      Expenses & Invoices Improved Loading Times Pages now load faster in the Expenses and Bills section as well as when opening Invoices.



      Category Changes & Updates Details

      Improved Decline Messages to Client for WePay Payments

      Clients paying through WePay will now see more specific and helpful messaging if their payment declines.

      Google Play Subscriptions on Android

      You can now sign up and pay for your FreshBooks subscription through Google Play Subscriptions on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.

      Filter by Archived and Deleted Clients on iOS

      Manage your archived and deleted Clients by tapping on the Showing Active by [Sort By] section above your list of Invoices on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.

      Received Invoices (To Me) Advanced Search

      Use regular or advanced search to narrow down your list of Received Invoices (To Me) with specific filters like sender, status, amount and more.

      Improved Decline Messages to Client for Stripe Payments

      Clients paying through Stripe will now see more specific and helpful messaging if their payment declines.



      Category Changes & Updates Details

      Email Documents & Bill Line Item Auto-Capture

      Email documents to a unique email address which will automatically scan for you to review in your Uploads later. Bills with multiple line items will be automatically extracted for Select users.

      Bulk Export Receipts

      Bulk export all your Expense Receipts within a specified Date Range.
      Time Tracking

      Chrome Time Tracker Extension Improvements

      The Chrome Time Tracker extension updates includes a consistent login experience and time tracking experience, the ability to assign time to a Retainer, and updated branding.

      Option to Remove Loading Screen Quotes

      Now you can choose between displaying Inspirational Quotes or None when FreshBooks is loading in My Account.
      Payments & Invoices

      Recurring Payments with Barclaycard Payments

      Recurring Payments is now available for Barclaycard Payments.
      Accessibility & Navigation

      Improved Radio Buttons with Text Fields

      Radio buttons with text fields have been updated so that the text field now appears underneath when the radio button is selected, for easier keyboard navigation and for screen readers.
      Time Tracking

      Pop-Out Timer

      Pop-out the Timer in a separate browser window to track time.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Mobile Client Address Street 2 Line on Android Client Addresses now have a Street 1 and Street 2 line to accommodate longer addresses on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.
      Navigation New Font The font has been updated throughout FreshBooks to match our current branding.
      Invoices Shorter Links in Share via Link Share via Link now generates a shorter unique link with a maximum of 28 characters.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Invoices Edit Invoices with Payment Schedules Payment Schedules now factors in any partial payments, including Deposits, that may have already been added to the Invoice.
      Mobile Improved Credit Card Scanning on iOS Scanning a credit card with Advanced Payments' Charge Card is now quicker on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Mobile Sort on List of Clients Your list of Clients can now be sorted by Name, Organization Name and Outstanding Amount on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
      Time Tracking Pause Timer Updates When your Tracking Format is set to Duration, you can now pause from within the Timer or resume any logged Time Entry to track more time to it again.

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