Changes and updates in 2017

In 2017, we've added more new features and improvements to FreshBooks so you can focus on running your business successfully. Release notes, also known as a changelog, are below for 2017.
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CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
MobileInvoice Share via Link on AndroidInvoices can now be sent with a Share via Link on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.
InvoicesPause and Restart Recurring Templates
It's now easy to pause a recurring template to stop generating invoices, or restart a paused template, with the click of a button.
Team Members Add Employee and Admin Team MembersYou can now invite employees and admins to your account to help you manage your business.
Navigation  Delete Businesses 
If you have multiple businesses and you need one of them deleted, just ensure it's been cancelled first and then reach out to our Support to get it removed.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Mobile Editable Invoice/Estimate Numbers and Line Item Decimal Support on Android The FreshBooks Mobile App for Android now supports the ability to edit invoice and estimate numbers, as well as adding line items with rates up to 4 decimal places.
Invoices Due Dates RememberedDue dates settings are now automatically remembered from the last invoice you created, including custom due dates.
ExpensesExpense Section Search Shows Grand Total
When running a search for expenses inside the Expenses section, a grand total is displayed at the bottom of the list so you can quickly view the total.
Estimates and Proposals 🎉  Proposals on Trials 
Proposals are now available for all trial users.
InvoicesTax Numbers Fields
When selecting a country in basic information settings or for a client's profile, a tax number field will now appear if applicable to that country (e.g., VAT or ABN).
Time Tracking🎉  Chrome Timer Extension
Tracking time is easier with an extension that lives in your Chrome browser. You can go across the web with the timer running in the background, and minimize or pop-out the timer.
Estimates and ProposalsAdd Attachments to Proposals
Now you can add supporting documentation to your proposals by adding attachments like PDFs, images and more.
Invoices and Payments 🎉  Payment Schedules
Getting multiple and partial payments on an invoice is now easier with Payment Schedules. Create a plan of when each payment is due without having to create multiple invoices or continually editing an existing invoice.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
MobileQuick Mobile App Download
When accessing your account on the web browser, there's now a prompt to help you quickly download the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS or Android if you haven't already.
NavigationPreserved Search States
You're now able to return back to your filtered list from a search, even after selecting a search result. Just select the appropriate link (e.g, < Invoices) or the browser's return button and your filtered search list will still be there.
Estimates and Proposals🎉  Proposals
Now you can create proposals, which are detailed estimates with rich text content, images, customizable sections and more to showcase the value you bring to prospective clients.
PaymentsDelete Credits
Credits can now be deleted from within the available credit area inside a client's profile.
Invoices and Time Tracking Add Unbilled Time to Recurring Templates
When creating recurring templates, you can now add future unbilled time entries to it. This automatically pulls all available time entries whenever the recurring template generates an invoice for you.
PaymentsPayment Reminders and Late Fees on Trials Payment reminders and late fees are available on all trial accounts.
Estimates and Proposals Create from Recent ProposalWhen making a proposal, you now have the option to create from a recent proposal you already made which will duplicate it for you.
Estimates and ProposalsDrag and Drop on Proposal SectionsReorder sections in a proposal by dragging and dropping it.
Expenses Delete Custom Subcategories
You can now delete a subcategory that you've created. Expenses assigned to a deleted subcategory will automatically be reassigned to the parent category instead.
InvoicesSearch for Invoices Without the Zero PrefixInvoices can now be searched for without the prefix of zeroes/padding inside the search itself.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Navigation🎉  Sticky Headers
When scrolling up on any page inside FreshBooks, the headers will shrink and stick at the top, making it easier to know right away which page or columns you're looking at.
InvoicesCompany Name on Recent InvoicesWhen looking at recent invoices inside the Invoices section, these cards will display Company Name first, or if there is none, the primary contact's name instead.
EstimatesArchive EstimatesYou can now archive estimates.
MobileCreate and Share PDFs on Android
Now you can create and share PDFs while using the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.
MobileView Line Item Descriptions on Mobile
While viewing an invoice on the FreshBooks Mobile App, the full description of every line item will now be visible.
Invoices 🎉  Invoice Share via Link
Whenever you want to share an invoice without sending it by email, you can use Share via Link instead. This automatically marks an invoice as sent and generates a link that you can then share with your client or team member outside of FreshBooks.
ProjectsSearch in Projects
The search bar is now available in the Projects section so you can find specific projects quickly.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
MobileReceipt Attachments Visible on iOS
Receipt attachments are now visible on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS when viewing invoices.
Invoices and Time TrackingChronological Time Entries on Invoices
When generating an invoice from tracked time, time entries will be sorted chronologically on the invoice for you automatically.
ClientsExtra Details in Client Profile
You can now view more details on your client in their client profile.
Notifications are now in the top left corner in the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS to make it easier to manage your notifications.
MobileEmployees Login on iOS
Employees can now log in on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS, making it easier to manage businesses while on the go.
Invoices and EstimatesNotes Field Moved to BottomThe Notes field is now on the bottom of all invoices, estimates and recurring templates where the Terms field already is.
ProjectsSort Projects by Project Name or End DateSort your list of projects by selecting the Project Name or End Date headers.
Invoices, Expenses, Projects, and Time Tracking Multi-Term Search
Search for multiple terms in any search field. For example, enter in your client's name and the word draft to view all draft invoices for that particular client.
Invoices, Expenses, Projects, and Time Tracking  Rows Per List 
The number of rows per list has been increased from 15 to 30, making it easier to view more content on a single page.
Mobile Sync Loading Screen, Notifications and Estimate Conversations on Android 
When using the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android, a detailed loading screen is now available, along with the ability to view your notifications and correspond with your clients on estimates.
NavigationOnboarding Tiles
In your dashboard, select any of the tiles at the top to help you make the most of your FreshBooks account.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Projects and Time TrackingAssigning Services and Hourly Service Billing RateFor any project, you can assign specific services as well as choose a Single Hourly Rate as a billing method.
Invoices and Payments
Recurring Templates and Recurring Payments Updates
Improvements have been made to easily ensure your recurring templates are activated with recurring payments during creation. You're also able to view the transaction fee information during set up as well.
🎉  Keyboard Shortcut for Support Key
Whenever you call our Support team, press CTRL + ALT + K on your keyboard while accessing your account to quickly find your Support Key.
Invoices and Navigation
View Invoices in Multiple Tabs
From the Invoices section, you can now open any invoice in a new browser tab on your browser window for those who like to work across several invoices simultaneously.
InvoicesDiscounts on Recurring Templates
Discounts can now be added on recurring templates, making it easier to reward prompt clients or encourage loyalty for using your services.
Recurring Template View
Viewing recurring templates will now show the client's Company Name by default instead of the client's first and last name, making it consistent with the view in the Invoices section.
MobileEstimate Conversations on iOS
Corresponding with your clients on estimates is now available on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS. 
ReportsLive Links in ReportsNow you can dig deeper in certain reports by selecting any link in it, like clients and projects on the Time Entry Details report.
NavigationNotification for EstimatesWhen a client accepts an estimate or sends a message on any estimate, you'll receive a notification inside your account.
Navigation🎉  Open Links as Tabs
Right-clicking is now supported so you can open invoices, estimates, expenses and projects in new browser tabs to easily multi-task.
Invoices and PaymentsNew Statuses for Recurring Templates and Recurring PaymentsAuto-Paid, Auto-Sent and Auto-Draft statuses have now been added to quickly identify which recurring template has saved payment information via recurring payments.
InvoicesFind Invoices Generated from Recurring TemplatesIn the list of recurring templates, select the Last Issued date to view all invoices generated by that template.
Invoices, Clients, and Expenses🎉  Archived Status
You can now archive invoices, clients and expenses to keep your lists organized. To view archived data, select the View Archived button at the bottom of the list.
Easily Switch Between Businesses on Android
Easily switch between FreshBooks accounts for your different businesses using the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android. Just tap your avatar in the top-left to switch.
Navigation🎉  Help WidgetSelect the Question Mark icon in the bottom right of your account to view all Help Centre articles.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
MobileCreate Custom Subcategories on iOSCreate subcategories directly on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
EstimatesConversations on Estimates
Improvements have been made so you can easily chat with your clients on the estimate itself to make sure you're both aligned on the work, before it's begun.
InvoicesSearch and Sort on Recurring TemplatesNow you can quickly search for certain recurring templates and filter the list of recurring templates by a specific column header. 
Estimates Duplicate EstimatesEstimates can now be duplicated easily. Just check the box off, select the Actions button and select Duplicate.
🎉  Secondary Contacts
Now you're able to send invoices to multiple people in an organization or company by adding them as secondary contacts. These contacts' emails will automatically be added along with the primary client's email every time you send out an invoice. 
ClientsClients RedesignThe Clients section has been redesigned to easily highlight settings for each client.
Expenses and Invoices 🎉  Rebill Expenses with Receipt AttachmentsWhen rebilling expenses, you're now able to include the receipt attachment on the invoice.
Invoices and Estimates 
Live Links on Invoices and Estimates
Sharing websites and links with your clients is now possible. Live links (URLs) are supported in the Notes and Terms sections on both invoices and estimates.
ProjectsMark as Complete on ProjectsWhen you've finished a project, Mark as Complete will move the project to a separate list so you can keep your active projects organized.
🎉  Create and Send Estimates on Android
Get approval before work begins. You can now create and send estimates to your clients on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Invoices and Estimates
Download PDF for Invoices and Estimates
It's now easy to save your invoices and estimates as PDF files. Just select the More Actions button and choose the Download PDF option.
Billing and Upgrade🎉  Annual FreshBooks SubscriptionsYou can now upgrade your FreshBooks subscription and pay yearly to save 10%.
Settings Adjustable Date FormatsFor international users or those who go by a different date format, you can now choose one of three options.
Projects🎉  Projects RedesignProjects has been redesigned to make it easier to manage team members, view your budget, end date, billing methods and billing rates.
Projects and Time TrackingTeam Member Billing RatesThe Team Member billing rate is now available, allowing you to set different rates for each team member.
Expenses🎉  Recurring ExpensesNow you can create recurring expenses for payments that you make on a frequent basis. Just set up the recurring expense with the start date, frequency and number of generated expenses, and watch them generate automatically.
ReportsPayments Collected ReportIt's easier than ever to get a detailed overview of your client's payments on invoices thanks to the Payments Collected report. You can filter by time period, clients, payment method and currency to generate the exact report you need. 
ExpensesDuplicate ExpensesYou can now quickly duplicate an expense from the Actions button when viewing a list of expenses.
Mobile🎉  Estimates on iOSCreating estimates is now available on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS so you can get approval before work begins.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Projects and Time TrackingEdit Standard RateThe Standard Rate in basic information settings can now be edited.
Mobile🎉  Timer on iOS
Now you can start a timer directly from the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS so you always have an accurate log of the time you worked.
EstimatedAccept on Estimates
Estimates can now be accepted by both owners and clients so you can begin your work knowing you're both on the same page.
Estimates and InvoicesConvert Estimates into Invoices
Save even more time by converting your estimate into an invoice. You no longer need to re-enter details from the estimate onto an invoice - just convert, send and get paid.
InvoicesTax Numbers
Tax Numbers are now added to invoices with breakdowns of taxes included in the bottom of the invoice.
Estimates Estimates Search
Improvements have been made to make it easier to search for estimates.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Projects and Time TrackingTime Budget for ProjectsSet a time budget on the Projects section and you can now view who has been logging hours towards a specific project, how many hours have been logged and help keep your team on track.
ReportsTime Entry Report Email, CSV and Filters
The Time Entry report can now be sent by email, exported as a CSV, and includes filters to customize the data.
Bank Connections🎉  Bank Connections Start Date Picker
When you connect a bank account or credit card to automatically import expenses, you can now select a specific start date for the initial import. This makes it easier to avoid duplicate expenses.
Projects and Time TrackingLog Time From a ProjectYou can now track time from within the project itself. 
InvoicesRearrange Line Items on Invoices
Select the icon next to any line item to drag and change the order of them on an invoice.
Projects and Invoices 
Generate an Invoice for a Specific Project
From the Project page, you can now generate an invoice for the time tracked towards that project to create project-specific invoices. 
Expense Subcategories and Costs of Goods Sold on Profit and Loss Report 
The Profit and Loss report now separates expenses by subcategory, so you can get a detailed breakdown of your spending. Plus you can specify certain subcategories as Costs of Goods Sold, so they are deducted from your profit.
Expense Report Shows Subcategories
The Expense report now breaks out expenses by subcategory. 
View Expense Subcategories, Enable Payments and Send Invoices on Android
Now you can choose expense subcategories, enable online payments on invoices, and send invoices to multiple contacts on the FreshBooks Mobile App on your Android.
Time Tracking🎉  Edit TimersWhen using the timer to keep track of your hours, you can now edit the start time and adjust it to a future time to start a countdown.
Estimates🎉  EstimatesYou can now send estimates to your clients and make sure you're on the same page before work begins.
Invoices and Time TrackingAdd Unbilled Time to Existing InvoicesYou can now add unbilled time to an existing invoice instead of creating a brand new one.
Projects and Time TrackingSet Rates for ProjectsYou're able to set a general default Standard Rate or a Flat Rate for tracked time on a project-by-project basis.
Projects, Time Tracking, and InvoicesFilter by Project When Generating an Invoice for Tracked TimeWhen generating an invoice, you can now pick exactly which projects you want to bill for as well specify the time frame.
Projects and Time TrackingProject List Displays Hours LoggedWhen viewing the list of projects, you can now view how much time has been tracked towards a project and its budget.
Mobile  Start a Timer on Android Now you can start a timer directly from the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android so you always have an accurate log of the time you worked.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Time Tracking🎉  Weekly View in Time Tracking
Now you can get a weekly view of your logged hours and log new hours from that view, making it even easier to add a week’s worth of hours at once.
Reports New Look for Reports 
All of your business reports are now easily accessible from the bottom of your dashboard, without any extra clicks.
Expenses 🎉  Custom Expense SubcategoriesCreate custom subcategories for your expenses for more organization of your expenses.
Time TrackingMark Time Entries as BilledTime entries logged by you or your employees can now be manually marked as billed if you don't want them to appear on an invoice.
Reports and Time Tracking🎉  Time Entry Details ReportView a detailed overview of the time you and your team have logged with the Time Entry Details report. You can filter by time period, team member, client and status to generate the exact report you need.
Payments 🎉  Recurring Invoice Payments
Recurring Payments are the fastest way to get paid. Now, when you set up a recurring invoice with online payments enabled, your client can save their credit card details to be automatically charged every time an invoice is generated.
Payments for Android
From the FreshBooks Mobile App on your Android device, you can now add discounts, deposits, view a list of all the payments made towards your invoices and edit them if required. Invoice terms are now remembered.


CategoryChanges and UpdatesDetails
Projects and Clients Assign Clients to Projects
You can now assign your projects to specific clients or mark them as an internal project.
ProjectsEdit ProjectsProjects can now be edited after they're created.
Mobile🎉  Time Tracking on Android
Log or edit your hours from your Android device using the FreshBooks Mobile App.
Mobile Easily Switch Between Businesses on iOSEasily switch between FreshBooks accounts for your different businesses from your iPhone or iPad using the FreshBooks Mobile App. Just tap your avatar in the top-left to switch.
Mobile Expense Subcategories on iOSYou can now select created subcategories when logging expenses.
Dashboard Updated Total Profit Graph on DashboardThe Total Profit graph on the dashboard no longer includes sales tax in the total to more clearly represent your business’ profit.
Time Tracking Search in Time TrackingNow you can easily search for time entries from either the Track or Review sections.
Time TrackingView Time Entries by Team MemberView time entries by team member when reviewing time.
Time Tracking and InvoicesGenerate Invoice for Tracked Time OptionsWhen generating an invoice from time you’ve tracked, you can now customize how that time shows up. You can also adjust which details you’d like to include and how you’d like the entries to be grouped.
Time Tracking and InvoicesRebill and View Contractor Time EntriesOwners can now rebill time entries made by contractors onto invoices, as well as view all time entries logged in the Review section within Time Tracking.