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2019: Recent Updates to FreshBooks

FreshBooks is constantly being updated and improved to make running your business even easier and give you more time to focus on what you love. Here are some of the new features and improvements that have recently been released.

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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019

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New Features

  • My Team in Main Navigation
    • My Team can now be found near the bottom of the main navigation menu for easy access in managing your team members.


New Features

  • Bank Transfers (ACH) Payments
    • Use FreshBooks Payments to start accepting Bank Transfers (ACH) from your Clients with USD payments.

Updates to Existing Features 

  • Add Partial Payments in Bulk
    • You can now add multiple partial payments in bulk by checking off several invoices and selecting the Actions button to add a payment.
  • Edit Team Time Entries
  • Client Names Clickable on Invoice List
    • Quickly access your Client's information by clicking on their name from the Invoice list view.


New Features

  • Item Sales Report
    • The Item Sales Report shows you how many of each Item you've sold as well as how much you've made on each Item.
  • Client Account Statement
    • Share with your Clients their outstanding balances and history by sending them a Client Account Statement from within their profile.

Updates to Existing Features 

  • Add Taxes to Expenses in Bulk
    • Check off multiple Expenses and use the Actions button to add or change the tax to them in one go.
  • Select Multiple Clients on Reports
    • You're now able to select multiple Clients on the Item Sales, Invoice Details, Payments Collected and Revenue by Client Reports.

  • Select Multiple Invoice Statuses on Reports
    • You can now select multiple Invoice statuses on the Item Sales and Invoice Details Reports.
  • Select Multiple Payment Methods on the Payments Collected Report
    • When using the Payments Collected Report, you can now choose multiple Payment methods to filter by.
  • Select Multiple Items on Item Sales Report
    • Select one or multiple Items on the Item Sales Report to filter by.
  • Export Clients CSV


New Features

Updates to Existing Features 

  • Change Clients on Expenses in Bulk
    • You can now select multiple Expenses and use the Actions button to change the Client in bulk.
  • Back-Calculate Expense Taxes
  • Category & Vendor Added to Expense CSV Import
    • The CSV import for Expenses now includes fields for the Category and Vendor for each expense you'd like to create.
  • Favourite Reports
    • Click on the star next to any Report in the Reports section to favourite it for quicker access.
  • Reset Opening Balance for Bank Reconciliation
    • If the Opening Balance was entered in incorrectly, you can now reset it and start reconciling correctly.
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