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      Changes & Updates in 2019

      In 2019, we've added more new features and improvements to FreshBooks so you can focus on running your business successfully. Release notes (also known as a changelog) are below for 2019.


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      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Payments Bank Transfers (ACH) Payments for Stripe Use Stripe to start accepting Bank Transfers (ACH) from your Clients with USD payments.
      Billing & Upgrade  Update Payment Details  From your Billing & Upgrade page, you can now quickly update your credit card details and see when your next payment is due.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Payments Credit Card Updater Any credit card entered by the Owner or Client after October 28, 2019 that later expires will automatically update to new information by WePay or Stripe.
      Proposals  Warning Before Deleting Proposal Section When removing a section on your Proposal, a warning pop-up is displayed before it is deleted.
      Reports  Updated Profit & Loss Report Headings The Profit & Loss Report now displays Quarterly headings by Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and Oct-Dec.
      Projects  Bulk Add Team Members to Projects Search for specific Team Members by name or by Role, or add all of them in one go on any Project as needed.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Navigation 🎉  Add-Ons Page Find our ever-growing collection of apps, integrations and services in the Add-Ons section in your navigation menu on the left.
      Payroll  Payroll for US Users Payroll via Gusto now appears as an option when clicking on the Gear icon in the top left corner of your account, and you can connect to Gusto directly from within your account.
      Invoices & Estimates  Improved Search on Estimates & Proposals Searching in both Estimate and Proposal lists have been improved to return more accurate results. 



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Time Tracking  Sort by Date, Project, Service, Note, Time or Status on Time Tracking List When on the Review tab in the Time Tracking section, you can now sort your list of time entries by Date, Project, Service, Note, Time and Status.
      Expenses  Expense Order, Creation Date and Generate Invoices Shortcut  Expenses are now listed in chronological order when rebilling to an Invoice (oldest at top), with the Expense creation date added to the description. Generate Invoice has also been added as a Bulk Action on the list of Expenses.
      Navigation 🎉  Keyboard Shortcuts  Move through your account faster with keyboard shortcuts, or press SHIFT + ? in your account.
      Bank Connections  🎉  Bank Connections with Plaid  Users in the United Kingdom and Ireland can now connect to their banks via Plaid, which is PSD2 Compliant.
      Reports  Monthly Breakdown on P&L Report See the breakdown for each month on the Profit & Loss Report by clicking on the Enlarge button instead of exporting it.
      Invoices  Single Line Actions for Invoices & Invoice Preview on Hover When viewing the list of Invoices, you can hover to quickly edit, duplicate, add a payment or access more actions. You can also hover over the Invoice number to see a text preview of all line items, total paid and total outstanding. 
      Invoices  Improved Search on Invoices Searching in the list of Invoices has been improved to return more accurate results.
      Login  🎉  Google Sign In You can now sign up for a new FreshBooks account using your Google Sign In



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Invoices & Time Tracking Improved Search on Items & Services Searching for Items & Services has been improved to return accurate results. 
      Reports  Sort by Organization, Primary Contact or Total on Revenue by Client Report Sort by Organization, Primary Contact or the Total of any Client on the Revenue by Client Report
      My Team 🎉  Manager Team Member Role  Assign your Team Member as a Manager to have them help you manage Invoices, Retainers, Estimates, track time and more without seeing your financial information.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Login 🎉  Google Sign In You can now sign into your FreshBooks account with your Google Sign In
      Navigation 🎉  Message Center Read about new updates to FreshBooks, announcements and more inside the Message Center. This can be accessed anytime from the blue button in the bottom right corner of your account.
      Clients  Client Profile Hub See all of your Client's Invoices, Retainers, Expenses, Estimates, Time Tracking, Projects and Reports inside their Client Profile.
      Accounting  Mark As Transfer, Owner's Draw or Expense Refund You can now automatically mark transactions as a Transfer, Owner's Equity, or Expense Refund with the Mark As button inside your Bank Reconciliation.
      Reports  Grand Total on Expense Report The Expense Report now displays the grand total of all Expenses at the top in the Summary section.
      Invoices  Improved Search on Recurring Templates Searching in the list of Recurring Templates has been improved to return more accurate results. 
      Reports  Sort by Client or by Total on Accounts Aging Report Now sort in ascending or descending order by Client or by Total on the Accounts Aging Report, so you can quickly see who owes you the most or least.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Navigation Bulk Actions Button Previously called the Actions button, it is now renamed to the Bulk Actions button to clearly illustrate the bulk options available for most lists.
      Invoices  Client Names No Longer Clickable on Invoice List Client Names are no longer clickable on the list of Invoices to make it easier to open the Invoice instead.
      Invoices  New Invoices from Last Created Whenever a new Invoice is created, Terms, Online Payment details and Due Dates will default to copy the same settings from the last invoice created instead.  
      Navigation  Pagination If you have 11+ pages on any list, you can jump to the next page before or after, jump to the first or last page, as well as click on the page number to jump to a specific page.
      Dashboard  Outstanding Revenue Dashboard Widget Outstanding is now listed in the legend for the Outstanding Revenue widget on the Dashboard. The Outstanding total is now clickable so you can see which Invoices make up this amount. 



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Expenses Quick Expense Creation Click on the + New Expense button at the top of your list of Expenses to quickly create a new in-line expense or edit any existing expenses.
      Reports  🎉  Bank Reconciliation Summary Report Find all your unmatched transactions in one place with the Bank Reconciliation Summary report.
      Clients  Improved Client Search Searching in the list of Clients is now improved with more accurate results being returned. 
       Emails Editable Subject Lines You can now customize your subject lines when sending out Invoices, Estimates, Proposals and Reports.
      Payments  🎉  Online Payments All Transactions List See all your online payments in one place with the All Transactions list, including transaction fees for both FreshBooks Payments (WePay) and Stripe.  
      Accounting  Bank Reconciliation Search A search box has been added to the FreshBooks Entries side in Bank Reconciliation to quickly search for specific transactions.
      Invoices  Invoice List View It's now easier to differentiate between similar Invoices with a Description column, links to the parent Recurring Template or Retainer, and Issue Date & Due Date as a single column.
      Projects  Change Client on Project You can now change the Client on a Project which will reassign all time entries to the new Client.
      Invoices  🎉  Retainers Budget and reserve blocks of time for service-based work with your Clients by billing them with Retainers.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Navigation  🎉  My Team in Main Navigation My Team can now be found near the bottom of the main navigation menu for easy access in managing your team members.
       Invoices Apply Taxes to All Line Items When your Invoice has two or more line items, you can now check a box off to apply taxes to all line items on your invoice in one go.
       Payments Improved WePay Onboarding It's now easier to accept online payments with an improved setup process for FreshBooks Payments.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Export Client Export CSV You can now export a list of all your clients and their information out as a CSV file.
      Reports  General Ledger Modified View If your General Ledger has over 5000+ lines, you'll see an option to download the report instead of viewing it. 
      Invoices  Quick Edit & Delete for Invoices Quickly edit an Invoice by clicking on the pencil icon, or delete an Invoice by clicking on the trash can icon when on the Invoice list view.
      Payments  Add Partial Payments in Bulk  You can now add multiple partial payments in bulk by checking off several invoices and selecting the Actions button to add a payment.
      Payments  🎉  Bank Transfers (ACH) Payments for FreshBooks Payments (WePay) Use FreshBooks Payments to start accepting Bank Transfers (ACH) from your Clients with USD payments. 
      Time Tracking  Edit Team Members' Time Entries  Edit your Admins', Managers', and Employees' time entries along with yours in the Review tab of the Time Tracking section.



      Category Changes & Updates Details


      🎉  Item Sales Report

      The Item Sales Report shows you how many of each Item you've sold as well as how much you've made on each Item. 


      Select Multiple Clients on Reports

      You're now able to select multiple Clients on the Item Sales, Invoice Details, Payments Collected and Revenue by Client Reports. 


      Add Taxes to Expenses in Bulk

      Check off multiple Expenses and use the Actions button to add or change the tax to them in one go.


      Select Multiple Invoice Statuses on Reports

      You can now select multiple Invoice statuses on the Item Sales and Invoice Details Reports.


      🎉  Client Account Statement

       Share with your Clients their outstanding balances and history by sending them a Client Account Statement from within their profile.


      Select Multiple Payment Methods on the Payments Collected Report

      When using the Payments Collected Report, you can now choose multiple Payment methods to filter by. 


      Select Multiple Items on Item Sales Report

      Select one or multiple Items on the Item Sales Report to filter by.



      Category Changes & Updates Details


      🎉  Import Items from CSV

      You can now add new Items in bulk by importing them in with a CSV file.

      Expenses Change Clients on Expenses in Bulk  You can now select multiple Expenses and use the Actions button to change the Client in bulk.
      Invoices & Expenses Improved Invoice & Expense Search  Improvements have been made to the searching experience for both Invoice & Expense lists. 
      Time Tracking 🎉  Time Tracking  Tracking time is now easier with a redesigned experience for logging and tracking time.


      🎉  Revenue by Client Report

      Use the Revenue by Client Report to see a breakdown of revenue for each client you've invoiced. 


      Advanced Payments on iOS App 

      Advanced Payments is now available on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS. 

      Expenses  Back-Calculate Expense Taxes  Select up to two taxes, and it will automatically calculate the tax totals for you based off the grand total of your Expense. 
      Expenses Category & Vendor Added to Expense CSV Import  The CSV import for Expenses now includes fields for the Category and Vendor for each expense you'd like to create. 
      Reports  Favourite Reports  Click on the star next to any Report in the Reports section to favourite it for quicker access. 
      Accounting  Reset Opening Balance for Bank Reconciliation If the Opening Balance was entered in incorrectly, you can now reset it and start reconciling correctly. 



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