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      Changes & Updates in 2021

      FreshBooks is constantly being updated and improved to make running your business even easier so you have more time to focus on what you love. Release notes (also known as a changelog) are below for all of the new features and improvements that have been added in 2021.


      Want to see what we've done last year? Check out Changes and Updates in 2020 here.

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      Last Updated: July 19, 2021


      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Payments Invoice Payments Advanced Search Now you can use advanced search to narrow down your Invoice Payments with specific filters like Clients, payment type, currency and more.
      Projects Project Descriptions & Project Estimates Projects now have a Description field for any extra details and an Estimate Type to track your estimated time by Total Project or by Hours Per Service.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Settings & Emails Reply-To Email Address Email replies can now go back to either the sender (Owner or Team Member) or to a custom Reply-To Email.
      Projects Services Sub-Tab Now when viewing any Project, use the new Services sub-tab to view all assigned Services including the Total Hours billed for each.
      Settings & Emails Sent Email Log View all email activity sent out from your account with the Sent Emails Log in the Clients section.
      Dashboard & Reports Recurring Revenue Updates The Monthly Recurring Revenue graph on the Dashboard has been updated to reflect actual numbers instead of an average calculation. The Recurring Revenue Report has been updated to Recurring Revenue Annual Report and an additional new Recurring Revenue Details Report has been added to drill deeper into your active Recurring Templates and Retainers.
      Time Tracking Team Review & All Sub-Tab Owners can now add and edit Time Entries on Team Members' behalf and the Review sub-tab has been renamed to the All tab, where the graph can be hidden to save space.
      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals Classic Template Updated The Business Owner's address now displays the Country in full instead of an abbreviation.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Projects Duplicate Projects Save time creating similar Projects by duplicating an existing Project using the More Actions button.
      Invoices Charge Late Fee Based on Outstanding Balance You can now apply a percentage-based Late Fee based on the Invoice's value or on the Invoice's outstanding balance instead.
      Projects See Project Overview by Team Member, by Service or by Status Toggle between viewing a Project's tracked time by Team Member, By Service or by Status for a quick glance.
      Invoices, Estimates & Proposals Classic Template

      The Classic Template is a new template that puts Client and Business information in the top left corner, making it compatible for window envelopes for snail mail. Once the invoice is paid, downloading it as a PDF will show the PAID stamp at the top.

      Payments Prepayment Credits include Payment Method

      A Payment Method can now be specified when creating a Prepayment Credit, and all Overpayment Credits will automatically display the Payment Method used at time of payment.

      Clients Advanced Search for Clients

      Now you can use advanced search to narrow down your search with specific filters like organization, contact name, email and more.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Mobile & Expenses Back-Calculate Expense Taxes on Android Select up to two taxes, and it will automatically calculate the tax totals for you based off the grand total of your Expense on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.
      Navigation Global Settings The menu from the gear icon has been simplified, and a new Settings section has been added which includes My Account (formerly My Profile), My Company (formerly Company Profile) and Email Notifications as sub-tabs.
      Mobile & Expenses Back-Calculate Expense Taxes on iOS Select up to two taxes, and it will automatically calculate the tax totals for you based off the grand total of your Expense on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
      Reports Customize Time Entry Details Report Choose to show or hide the Billable Rate, Total Billable, Cost Rate and Total Cost columns on the Time Entry Details Report.
      Dashboard Improved Outstanding Invoices & Total Profit Graphs The Outstanding Invoices graph now shows Accounting Aging details over 30, 60 and 90+ days, and the Total Profit graph now accurately captures data from a cash-based Profit & Loss Report.



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Mobile, Invoices & Payments PayPal on iOS Enable PayPal on your Invoices on the FreshBooks Mobile App for iOS.
      Reports 🎉   Profitability Details Report You can now run a Profitability Details Report to see a detailed breakdown of a Project's profitability by Services and Expenses.
      Mobile, Invoices & Payments Bank Transfers (ACH) and PayPal on Android Enable Bank Transfers (ACH) for both FreshBooks Payments and Stripe, or PayPal on your Invoices on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.
      Invoices Default Color set to Grey For newly created FreshBooks accounts moving forward, the default color for Invoices is set to grey.
      Settings New Recurring Invoice sent Email A new email notification has been added for whenever a Recurring Invoice from a Recurring Template has been sent to your Client(s).



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Reports 🎉   Accounts Payable Aging Report Keep track of which Bills are outstanding or overdue with the Accounts Payable Aging Report.
      Invoices & Payments Apply Credit to Invoices You can now apply any available credit while creating or editing an invoice.
      Accounting Reconcile Credits in Bank Reconciliation Overpayment and Prepayment Credits can now be reconciled with Bank Transactions in Bank Rec.
      Estimates & Proposals Bulk Download Estimates/Proposals PDFs Estimates and Proposals can now be downloaded in bulk as PDF with the Bulk Actions button.
      Invoices & Payments Pay Multiple Outstanding Invoices in Bulk Clients with a Client Account can now pay multiple outstanding invoices simultaneously with the same payment information.
      Reports 🎉   Profitability Summary Report Track which Projects are more profitable than others with the new Profitable Summary Report.
      Invoices Send as PDF When enabled on the Client Profile, you can email Invoices to Clients along with a copy of the invoice attached as a PDF. 



      Category Changes & Updates Details
      Estimates & Proposals Single Line Actions Now you can quickly edit, duplicate, accept, convert to Invoice, archive and/or delete while hovering over any Estimate or Proposal in your list.
      Invoices Tax Invoices for Certain International Businesses If the Country is set to Australia, Bahrain, New Zealand, Singapore, or South Africa in My Company, your Invoices & Recurring Templates will display the Invoice Number text as Tax Invoice Number instead.
      Settings & Emails Emails & Templates Emails sent to your Clients can now be customized, including an Email Signature, as well as Remove FreshBooks Branding from your emails. Email notifications can also be toggled on or off to your preference.
      Mobile 🎉   Mileage Tracking on Android App Track your mileage on the FreshBooks Mobile App for Android.
      Reports 🎉   Credit Balance Report See a breakdown of all Credit for each of your Clients with the Credit Balance Report.
      Estimates Quotes for UK Businesses If your Country is set to United Kingdom in My Company, your Estimates will display as Quotes instead.
      Expenses & Clients Single Line Actions Now you can quickly edit, attach receipt, duplicate or delete while hovering over any Expense in your list, as well as quickly edit, archive and delete while hovering over any Client in your list.

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